Friday, January 29, 2016

Which Tarrant County Boondoggle are you talking about?

There was also an article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram this week by State Representative        Konni Burton.

The FWST "Highlights" were as follows:
  • Most people are not aware of the cost
  • About $468 million of total is not yet funded
  • Public vote should have been required
Now those of you long time readers are probably thinking this is concerning the Trinity River Vision, or Panther Island, or whatever they are calling that Boondoggle this week, when what this article is actually talking about is Tex-Rail.

How many Boondoggles can one county have?  Well, how much time you got?

It boggles our mind the people of Tarrant County keep falling for these taxpayer schemes and funding them. Some would say, you didn't get a vote.

Well, in a way you do.

Every time you vote for one of these crony incumbents; on the city council, mayor, commissioner, water district, you are voting your money away.  Your kids would like you to stop.  Some day the bills are going to come due.  Somebody will have to pay.

A quote from the piece on Tex Rail, that should make you question their sanity, as well as yours -

"Local officials are aggressively pushing forward despite not having secured complete funding for the project"

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