Friday, January 29, 2016

Party Politics

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram had an editorial yesterday...

We're not posting it here for a couple reasons. One reason being because they probably wouldn't give you access to it without paying and the other reason, well, it wasn't that great an editorial, but the article did have a point.

The editorial questioned the role of party politics in races that are supposed to be non-partisan.  Pretty much saying there's no such thing anymore.  So that leaves you on the other side of the aisle (right or left) wondering if those who are elected to represent you, represent you at all?

Apparently Mayor Price has been picked to head some conservative group somewhere.  This comes as a real shocker to those who know Betsy to be a Democrat.

Some question why Betsy made a split second appearance at a large Republican shindig last January.  Guess they have their answer now.  Well, that and she follows in Kay's footsteps.  (Watch your step, this is Texas after all).

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