Thursday, January 7, 2016

Former Trinity River Project Manager: "I Felt Like I Was Part of a Giant Con"....

We know the feeling, sir.

While this is from Dallas Observer and the title from D magazine about that other side of the Trinity River, we have a feeling those in Fort Worth will say the same thing one day.

Also, how many times do we have to say this, Dallas - you are downstream.  It doesn't matter what you do, between FW and the dam uphill from you, it's a washout.

Does any of this sound familiar Fort Worth?  All but the apology bit of course.  And where the hell is Don Henley when you need him?

Mayor Miller even gave me a dozen yellow roses for helping convince Don Henley to stop funding a lawsuit that would have forced the USACE [Corps of Engineers] to reopen the EIS [environmental impact study] for the Trinity…[and] probably would have put a stop to all of this nonsense a decade ago. Don’t let anyone say there’s no plan for the forest because they “don’t know enough about it” or whatever spin they’re using. The truth is, the Trinity project was always more about the toll road and the money it would bring to a select few Dallasites through development. At this point you’re entirely dependent on that road being built (or not) to even start construction on the levees that would give South Dallas equal flood protection all the while developers are remaking South Dallas in their image until there’s nothing but high end apartments named Bonton and anyone who lived there before has been displaced, forced further out on the fringe of “affordable” and separated from their community. I feel like I was part of a giant con and I’m truly sorry for the part I played.


Former Trinity River Project Manager: ‘I Felt Like I Was Part of a Giant Con’

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