Wednesday, August 7, 2013

When the river runs dry

You swipe water from someone else.  That's how the game is played here anyway.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram has started writing articles about TRWD that have nothing to do with Trinity River Vision.  Finally.  Because the real question should be, WHAT does that have to do with water?  Or flood control for that matter?  The bonus question is - WHY are people floating in the sewer??

The comments on the articles are sometimes the most telling, here are a few -

One thing that everyone needs to realize - Bridgeport lake was built in the first place primarily for flood control to Tarrant county, and secondly as a water supply. If TRWD maintains the lower lakes to almost full level (by draining from Bridgeport) then Ft Worth and surrounding areas will be at a greater risk for flooding.    

Many short sighted people here.  This is a valuable resource that we should all be concerned about.  If this drought persists, we could all have trouble getting water.  This will impact all of the N. Texas region, impacting the overall economic health of this region.

It's not just the drought drying up our lakes. The City of Granbury is selling acres of water from Lake granbury to the oilfield industry.Residents have banded together to try and stop it. Lake homes with docks now sit on dry land and they are trying to raise petitions to stop it.

It was worse in 1980.  This "lake" was created to be drained.  Everyone who lives on it knows that.  It will rain again.  It always has.

What's really crazy is the water being let out of Benbrook so the drunks can float in their inner tubes downtown. Call it what you want; it's still a sewer.

How many weeks has this rag been running articles on this non-news event?
We're in a drought- no one can use water from Texoma- a certain amount of water from this lake has to be allowed downstream- water utility districts contracted for water from this lake and someone neglected to put a max drawdown in the contract.  Go after the lawyers who wrote the contract.

Climate change?  What climate change?  Whoever could have predicted that the Western United States, including all of West Texas, would have become consistently hotter and drier?  Just move along, nothing to see here. 

OK Sheeple, follow the star-telegram's directions here: It's all the fault of the TRWD board of directors. They should all be out doing rain dances across the dry lake bed.

Cry babies.  Sorry, live on a real lake that isn't manage by the TRWD if you want fair.

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