Thursday, August 8, 2013

One step forward and two steps back

That's what the Fort Worth Star-Telegram has done.  Again.  Just when they start to give a glimpse of being a real newspaper, they let their Editorial Board shoot themselves in the foot...again.

Just yesterday the Fort Worth Weekly even gave them props for finally reporting on a story that the Weekly reported on seven years ago...

(News judgment reached an embarrassing low leading up to the May election for board members. The newspaper’s articles sounded as if they’d been written by the incumbents’ mothers.)

And then today, we're back to the same old drivel from the "news" paper. They want people to quit talking about the Tarrant Regional Water District deer lease, deer camp, whatever you want to call it.  However, no one has yet to answer the real question - IS IT LEGAL?  Well, is it?  Public lands for the private use of district employees.  Does it sound legal to you?  Is that why they want you to stop talking about it?

The district says they can't sell the land because it's in a floodplain on Lake Bridgeport.  Is this the same Lake Bridgeport that the "news" paper reported on yesterday as being so dry you can walk across it?  Partly due to the fact the TRWD is sending their lake water down to the other lakes?

But while the water district wants to blame Mother Nature for the lake’s dry condition, some area property owners say a longstanding agency policy favors downstream reservoirs such as Lake Worth and Eagle Mountain Lake.

From mid-April to June 20, the water district released a large amount of water from Lake Bridgeport — about 20,000 acre-feet — to maintain levels at downstream lakes as part of agreements with water customers such as the city of Fort Worth.

Will someone start a real "news" paper in Fort Worth already?  The Weekly can't do it all alone and frankly, we're tired of waiting.

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