Thursday, August 22, 2013


Way back in 2012 when the Tarrant Regional Water District voted to give themselves another year in office?  Even the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, who likes to look the other way when it comes to the Water Board, took note of the usually unanimous voting board being not so unanimous on this particular vote.   Well, to get away with moving their elections this time, they came up with HB3900 and sent it to Perry to extend yet another set of elections.  The first time it was to "save money", this time it's so the elections will be held in odd numbered years.  Either way, it's crap.

So, a newly created group for Texans, along with a former water board candidate and a concerned resident have filed suit. 

You can read about the lawsuit on the Fort Worth Weekly. 

If you want to attend the lawsuit hearing against the TRWD concerning the 'alleged' violations of the TOMA laws, it's Friday at 2:00.  Sounds like it will be a long day on Northside Drive tomorrow.

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