Friday, July 27, 2012

They don't read

Apparently the only thing those in Washington, D.C. read is this blog.

Therefore, we thought we'd share what some are saying about the latest Trinity River Vision Boondoogle funding scheme.

Read the comments in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  Some people are paying attention. 

Where's that "Tea Party" when you need them?

That's codespeak for "we'll keep Kay and Son, along with others who will benefit from eminent domain, nepotism, and sweetheart deals in the loop"

Great project for Fort Worth, funded by state and FEDERAL money.  Gee, deep in the heart of Tea Party land where "no more federal spending" is the cry, comes the federal government to help the good folks in Cowtown improve our infrastructure.  Anyone care to complain?

More pork for the Trinity Drainage Ditch Vision and Kay and her boy.

The reasons will be many but the prime responsibility will lie at the feet of Kay Granger.

Comment from gmsherry1953...

The only time we seem to get bipartisanship any more -- in this case, an almost nauseating unanimity, among politicians and the press -- is in support of conspiracies to abuse the public.  Mommy Granger, Republican, gets the money from Ray LaHood, Republican serving for a Democratic administration, for Sonny Granger to spend in his nepotism job that should be illegal, or at least should create a conflict of interest that would bar his Mommy from even voting on bills that appropriate money for the Trinity Mud Puddle, much less taking the lead role in fetching the cash.   Money we do NOT HAVE, money that will increase deficit spending.  We are borrowing money from the Communist Chinese to build a bridge.  Not a NEEDED bridge, but a bridge that is part of a completely unnecessary boondoggle of an "economic development" program whose faulty premise is that downtown Fort Worth NEEDS to be twice as big as it is, with further faulty sub-premises that the confluence of the Trinity can be improved, and that anyone will want to be near the newly expanded waterfront of stinky green water.  All of this siphons money away from infrastructure additions and improvements that we actually NEED, for the sake of a pie in the sky scheme that, even if it succeeds, will enrich only developers.  I am still so mad about this whole deal that I could spit.  And the Star-T remains out front, cheerleading this travesty all the way.

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