Tuesday, July 31, 2012

As if

The story in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, of the TRE leaving folks stranded in downtown Fort Worth wasn't enough, the comment left  by meganr1975, took the cake. Bravo.

Well, if the T apologized, that's all Gordon needs to be satisfied.   No need in digging any deeper into the story to see exactly what happened and what the T did to assure it doesn't happen again.  If it has to do with public transportation, Gordon, Bud, Labbe and Norman lead the charge to defend the Keystone Cops who manage the T and TRE. 

Who holds the T accountable for how they operate public transportation?  Certainly not the Star Telley.  Certainly not the Fort Worth City Council, even though they spend millions in citizen tax dollars to fund the T and TRE.  No...if its the sacred "Public Transportation Cow", our fearless elected officials and our crack team of ST reporters stick their heads back where they generally keep them.

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