Sunday, July 29, 2012

That boat won't float

People have asked us before why the Stockyards would be so interested in supporting the Trinity River Vision when it's very existence is supposed to bring people from all over the country to a small, polluted lake in Fort Worth?

The only answer we could ever come up with is because some of the players down there want a boat.  You know, the gambling kind.

Word on the street is the Fort Worth Star-Telegram will have an editorial tomorrow telling you how great it will be.  We're sure everyone else will be "green with envy" and the streets leading to the boat will be paved with gold.

As for the gambling, here we go again, how many years has this debate been taking place in Fort Worth?  What do you think the work around will be?  Taking bets now.

As for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram Editorial board, J.R. Labbe will no longer be at the helm.  We'd say we're going to miss her, but ...  And we shouldn't count our chickens before they hatch, that would make us like the TRVA.  WHO knows who the next Editor will be?  For once, we'd like it if the new one wasn't from Cowtown, we'd like to see how an outsider takes to all the Fort Worth "news".

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