Sunday, June 24, 2012

Well, the politicians aren't complaining...

And the businesses didn't know.

That's why they weren't complaining.  As for the politicians...

Read the article AND the comments in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram about the nightmare that 820 has become.  The article states Fort Worth, though it seems Haltom City is taking a big hit. 

The article even states they'll make the road will run all the way to Cabela's (in a hundred years or so..), we have a feeling Durango would have a field day with that.

Other business owners were infuriated to learn that the North Tarrant Express developer plans to permanently close the eastbound 820 exit to North Beach in about two months. They said they were under the impression that the exit would close temporarily but reopen by 2015 or sooner.

"I understand they have to do this project, but do they have to shut down everything at the same time?" asked Pete Jones, owner of Penguin Promo screen-printing shop. Jones said he recently moved from the Park Glen area to an apartment across North Beach from his store, partly because he got tired of the grinding commute home each evening -- three miles that regularly took 30 minutes or more.

He said he had not heard much backlash about the closing from business owners or elected officials in area cities. But he also acknowledged that the impending closure hadn't been publicized and might not be widely known.

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