Friday, June 22, 2012

Wanted - Newspaper in Fort Worth

Durango got an email that had him blogging a post titled France's Millau Viaduct vs. Fort Worth's Phyllis Tilley Bridge that made the case that the reason so many things go badly awry in Fort Worth is because Fort Worth lacks a real newspaper doing what a real newspaper does, as in investigative journalism and being the voice of the people speaking to power.

Below is a short excerpt....

If Fort Worth had a real newspaper, something like the Cowtown Wakepark, Santa Fe Rail Market, Cabela's tax breaks and the Trinity River Vision would never get off the ground, because an informed public would not put up with the foolishness. 

With no real newspaper, most of the Fort Worth public is oblivious to the foolishness.

Oblivious to the foolishness, while Rome burns, I mean, the Trinity River Vision parties. In private. And in inner tubes floating on the polluted Trinity River.

Which is another thing. What did you think of that investigative reporting the Star-Telegram did into how safe it is to float in the Trinity River? 

I'm sure that report is coming soon....

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