Thursday, March 29, 2012

Star-Telegram gives away free advertising

If your name is Tim Love.

No wonder the restaurant’s in Fort Worth are pissed.  What happens when they do the same to YOUR type of business?

Apparently Mitch doesn’t read the comments from readers on his own paper, or he’d know the kind of reviews the locals give the Woodshed.  You know, the folks that actually live here.

What’s the going rate for kickbacks in the “news”-paper industry?

We will warn you, this may be one of the most nauseating views we have yet to read from the Trinity River Vision cheerleader, AKA, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  Almost as nauseating as the “news”paper  even mentioning tubing on the river after the known findings of fecal matter, etc. were released last year, after the tubing events, of course.

So tell us, what is the real purpose of a “news” paper?  WHEN will Fort Worth get one?  How will we ever wait?

Just a reminder for those of you who don’t know, summer is coming

If the Woodshed Smokehouse is any indication of what's ahead for the Trinity River Vision, maybe they could start digging that bypass channel a few years early. How will Fort Worth ever wait?

The Woodshed is so good, so soon, that it gives the river project a jolt of new energy and even gives government a good name.

The TRV aims to move a river, reclaim acres of waterfront land near downtown and attract the development to pay for it. Celebrity chef Tim Love sees the Woodshed as an iconic venue unlike any in North Texas, and a place that stirs a love affair with the river.

The Tarrant Regional Water District, which opted to go large and all-in, spent almost $1 million to build the pavilion-style structure (designed by Bennett Benner Pettit of Fort Worth).  AKA – Gideon Toal

Granger didn't have the option of selling the Woodshed's tiny parcel to Love. It had to remain in government hands for potential flood control. Rather than a simple lease, Granger and Love worked out a risk-sharing deal, with 4 to 6 percent of gross revenue going to the water district, depending on sales volume.

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