Monday, March 12, 2012

Dear Fort Worth Earthquake Experts,

A letter from a voter, everyone should read.


Please read the latest S-T article on earthquakes in Ohio.

Ohio has seen it's share of adverse effects from gas drilling and devoted a great deal of time to research various problems associated with it, including Injection wells.  After many earthquakes, the State of Ohio has taken the position they need to know more before moving into the unknown.  Unlike certain Council members in Fort Worth, Ohio believes in protecting its citizens even if it means putting the residents ahead of industry.

As usual, after numerous earthquakes the industry wants more studies before putting a hold on additional injection wells despite repeated earthquakes near their injection wells. They appears to believe that if they deny the correlation enough, there will be those gullible enough to think it must be true.  Don't be among that group.  Look at the mounting evidence.  Earthquakes at DFW Airport, Cleburne, San Antonio and in Oklahoma have occurred and seem to be on the increase.

Fort Worth is not prepared to determine where Injection Wells may or may not be safe and the Railroad Commission certainly has not provided the needed protection or testing that is needed.  Fort worth residents should no longer to be guinea pigs for pilot or experimental projects.

Concerned Shale Citizen

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