Sunday, January 8, 2012

WHO owns America?

The answer should be WE, THE PEOPLE.

But reading through emails and articles today, it seems the correct answer is Rich Bullies.

And it doesn't matter what side of the aisle you're on.  It's happening to all of us.  Even those in the middle.  Pay attention to WHO is buying YOU.  Pay attention to WHO is buying the elections in your towns, state and country.  If YOU don't, you'll be sheep.

On the Guardian, you have a head gas industry lobbyist threatening the President over the Keystone Pipeline.

The head of the US's biggest oil and gas lobbying group said on Wednesday that the Obama administration will face serious political consequences if it rejects a Canada-to-Texas oil sands pipeline that has been opposed by environmental groups.

Jack Gerard, the president of the American Petroleum Institute, said TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline would definitely play a role in this year's national elections.

On the AP, you have billionaires trying to buy the President's seat.

As we've said before - those with the most campaign advertising, only means they've spent the most money.  WHAT do you think they'll do with YOUR money once in office?  They have favors to repay, you know.

It perplexes us that THE PEOPLE complain about how their representatives vote and spend.  But those very same representatives spend the most on their campaigns and THE PEOPLE vote for them again.  Does doing the same thing and expecting different results make you sheep?

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