Sunday, January 1, 2012

"People deserve to know that kind of stuff."

Almost three years ago, we started this blog due to the lack of news we were seeing on the "news".

(There are several stories taking place in Tarrant County right now, that none of the "news" stations have reported on. WHY?)

So due to lack of "news" we decided to do something, so did Grant Stinchfield.  Here's an article on WHY Grant left "news" reporting to run for office. 

There are still reporters left in the county.  They just don't work for the "news".

Kudos, Grant! 

Here is an excerpt of what Stinchfield had to say regarding a tip he started investigating  about government spending:   “When Cowboys Stadium  was being built….General Motors, getting bailed out by the federal government,  wants to buy a suite at Cowboys stadium….a million $ plus for that suite.  I make a call, and as a good conversative I say GM shouldn’t be buying a suite with taxpayer dollars.   20 minutes later I get hauled into the general manager’s office telling me, you will not make another call on that story. ” Stinchfield says the general manager didn’t want to “rock the boat” with automotive advertisers, even though it meant not reporting on what Stinchfield felt was the inappropriate spending of taxpayer dollars.


Cindy Carriger said...

Good for you Grant! That is a big part of why we really dont hear the 'real' news. It's sad - when i was in school (middle, and highschool)- we were told that good reporting was not opinion - but facts. News reporting was talked about in positive ways here in the US, while we were told that in OTHER Countries, like the Soviet Union, they didn't get unbiased reporting - that the govt determined their news. Well, little did I know (for many years), that it is very similar here- but our Gov. (and the News Media Moguls) pretend that it must be Unbiased and True if we hear it on the news!

Thank you for taking a stand and telling this story. Unfortunately, there are waay too many untold stories. (Including the eminent domain abuse that helped create the new stadium, unfortunately!)

This is another reason I am thankful for avenues like this one, and a new one being created for Arlington by some of their Tea Party members- the name will be Arlington Voice- watch for it (about Jan. 21) or Google for it.

Anonymous said...

Where is the liberal conspiracy, Grant? You allege that in Hartford, CT you were prevented from looking into a potentially embarrassing situation at The Hartford. Wouldn't the "liberal media" bosses have wanted you to rip the conservative insurance company? Instead, you claim that your bosses silenced you. So did they silence you because they were afraid that you would have made a conservative insurance company look bad? Or were they trying to protect The Hartford because it's really a "liberal" insurance company?

Fast forward to Dallas and GM looking to buy a suite at Cowboys Stadium. Do you think you were "silenced" again because you were threatening a "liberal" multinational automobile manufacturer? Or were you silenced because you threatened advertising revenue? I know, I know. You don't like that Obama bailed out GM. What about when Reagan did the same thing for his buddy Iacocca back in the '80s? Any problems with that? -- M. Tangeman