Friday, September 9, 2011

What did he say??

Did a former city councilman just blame the residents for the streets not getting repaired??

This while in the Business Press another council member says "Hicks and other council members expressed frustration at gaining constituent support for past bond propositions only to see the fruits of those promises delayed or disappear."

Read the letter in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  Then, write your own.

Mayor Price wants someone for a Transportation Project job.  Wonder WHO that will be?  Surely no one with ties to the 7th street gang...

Street improvements

The Star-Telegram's Sept. 1 editorial ("Street monster threatens to eat FW council alive") was interesting. Bemoaning the city's $1 billion need for street and road improvements, and blaming prior City Council inaction, the editorial proceeded with the opinion that today's economic climate should excuse residents from being subjected to taxes or fees necessary to solve the problem.

Road neglect is due in large part to residents' previous cries for other services and a lower tax rate. The council's responses were budgetary policy decisions that confirm that you can't have everything. Couple that history with the fact that city costs continue to increase each year, and it becomes obvious that even the same city services cannot be continued at the same tax rate forever.

Hence last year's proposal for a dedicated transportation utility fee (tax) in order to remove the risk that such funds could be diverted to satisfy nontransportation demands.

Hopefully, those complaining tomorrow over transportation needs will remember the council's recent decision to spare them from more taxes, a dodge that will cause the city to pay more in the future when an improving economy will push construction costs 15 percent to 20 percent higher. The "monster" will not get easier to slay.

-- Carter Burdette, Fort Worth

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