Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fort Worth Water theft

Is TCEQ involved? Detective Durango has the scoop.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

To Whom it May Concern

This is from one of our regular contributors, pass it on.

I sent an earlier version of this email out into cyberspace in
February, 2009. I have updated it and offer it again because it
still conveys my opinion of what is happening in the Barnett Shale.
Although I primarily speak of what is happening in Fort Worth, I now
think of all the Barnett Shale when I think of these problems. Please
read it with that in mind.


Dear friends,

Most of us live in or near Tarrant County, and have heard about the
Barnett Shale. Many of us have been approached by landmen attempting
to persuade us to sign a mineral lease, and many of us have done so
after considering what the landmen have said to us and what our City
Council and Mayor have been saying and doing regarding gas drilling.

I have not signed, because I knew more about the implications of
doing so than most people as a result of my training and experience.
Landmen, the PR divisions of the gas drilling industry, and the City
Council and Mayor were very careful not to speak of any implications
except those that would appeal to the all too human desire for money.

When confronted with the facts that they were not telling potential
lease signers they vigorously denied these facts and attacked the
messengers, playing the victim. Since most of the time con men are
not defended by governmental officials, the fact that ours were
siding with the drillers was taken into account by citizens who were
being offered leases to sign. Surely the government wouldn't permit
con men to go door to door in the city peddling their wares, would
they? And so, with slick paper magazines being spread all around town
singing the praises of the drilling industry with the refrain,
"Together we all win!", and with Tommy Lee Jones telling us to get on
board, and city buses plastered with praises for the blessings of the
Barnett Shale, and with signing bonuses as high as $28,000 per acre,
many people were convinced to sign.

The City Council has done their part in selling citizens as well.
They've adopted a drilling ordinance with the expert assistance of
the drillers. It says what the industry would accede to without a
lawsuit. As time passed the detrimental aspects of the industry
dribbled slowly into the open, and as each has generated public
concern, the Council has managed the effort to keep citizens from
rebelling by holding meetings where "experts" were given the podium
to create doubt and display confidence in the ability of the industry
and government to prevent the results that have happened elsewhere
through regulation and maintenance.

First there was concern about set-back from homes schools and
churches, and other places where people congregate. Next there was
concern about pollution, traffic, and noise. Then people began to
realize that industry envisioned about 7 drilling pads per MAPSCO
page in the city. Then it was realized that each drilling pad had to
be served by a gas gathering line to carry the produced raw gas away
to processing plants and thence to a compressor station where it
would be compressed to over 1000 psi and injected into transmission
lines and sent to market on the east coast. Then it was revealed that
the drillers had eminent domain rights as regards where the gathering
lines can be placed and intended to use that power to install these
pipelines underneath people's yards near their homes. Then people
began to worry about the cases of pipe rupture, fire, explosions,
unodorized gas escaping from gathering lines that abound on the
internet, and they began to think about safety. Then revelations of
carcinogens and neurotoxins spewing from compressors and drilling
pads in DISH and in Fort Worth were reported by a testing lab.

Each one of these issues was met as it came to public view with
attempts to discredit the concerns and with offers of additional
regulation or simply with the statement that the city can't deprive
people of their right to develop their minerals. None of these issues
was apparently foretold by the city government through due diligence
before permitting the industry to go door to door with lease offers,
and each issue was dealt with only when citizens discovered its
importance. This has been the history of the development to the present.

There is still time to alter the eventual future of the city, but it
will require much more citizen pressure. We are dealing with a
predatory industry that sees their activities as a God-given right
and a government that has sold their people down the river.
Everywhere this industry has operated the results are the same.
Whether it be South Texas on the ranch land, in the Rocky Mountains,
or California, there is now the devastation of pollution and the high
incidence of cancer caused by the carcinogens the industry discards
into the ground, the water, and the air.

Take a look at the videos at the following link. DISH Texas is
between Fort Worth and Denton. The problems you see in these videos
are the same problems you see in the blog and videos at concerning South Texas. They
are the same problems chronicled in the book, "Parts per Million",
about Beverly Hills, CA and on the pages of the OGAP website
regarding the Rocky Mountains, in the presentations of speakers at
the Pipeline Safety Trust annual conference in New Orleans last
November, and when you Google "Natural gas pipeline compressor
disaster" or similar searches. They are real problems that happen
everywhere this industry operates. They will happen in Fort Worth
unless we, the people, make some changes that the city government and
the industry are refusing to make.

Bluedaze blog: <

Please review this information and let me know if you are willing to
help save this city and your home.


More from the Midcities

While this isn't what we typically cover, it is one of the reasons we got involved in the first place, to help. The intersection is on Rufe Snow in North Richland Hills.

From TX to PA

The story remains the same - Please send help!

How can something so simple be so hard for an industry to understand? Are they not human? We know they don't have a heart but don't they too need water and air?

Nothing could be further from the truth. If ever there was a time for an honest reassessment of government policy on energy production, it's now. And what that reassessment would conclude is that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency should regulate natural gas drilling­ otherwise we run the considerable risk to public health and safety from contaminated drinking water and dangerous airborne emissions, including toxic chemicals like benzene.


Read the latest @ Durango. He has the form link for YOU to fill out.

Monday, December 28, 2009

What's it going to take?

Check out TXSharon for the scoop.

And as for our water (see Well Hell)...she says it, well.

It's easier to make the claim that no groundwater has been contaminated if you never test the groundwater for contamination.

Good Questions

Guess WHO is asking?


Another reason to love our contributors, they invite us to things. YOU are invited too.

Durango has the scoop as usual.

And as usual, he makes us laugh. Even when the subject ain't funny.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Well Hell

Read about more disposal wells and the danger to our water supply in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Spirit of the Season

This is why we love our contributors. Each in their own way, are trying to make a difference in the world we live in.

If you are able, please support this great cause out in the Midcities.

I know there's a lot of media hype these days concerning the financial struggles in America but a dedicated group of volunteers in Richland Hills are working overtime to help area children overcome at least one of these struggles.

In keeping with the "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Respect" mission of the Keep Richland Hills Beautiful Committee a Prom Dress Giveaway was developed in 2009 for girls with the Birdville School District who wanted to attend their prom but were struggling to afford that perfect dress. For the 2009-2010 school year this team of dedicated volunteers will again offer the young women whom attend one of the Birdville ISD high schools the opportunity to attend a "FREE" shopping day on Saturday, April 24, 2010. Students will be given the opportunity to choose from hundreds of appropriate dresses at absolutely no cost to them or their families.

This program is still accepting donations of gently used formal dresses and accessories suitable for teenage girls until April 17, 2010. All sizes, especially plus sizes, are needed.

If you have any questions, have donations or want to volunteer or simply want to thank these dedicated citizens for their hard work please contact Janie Wood at 817-284-7811 or 817-412-0727, Judy Allen at 817-299-1830 or by e-mail at, Cherry Farrar by e-mail at

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Y'all!

Merry Christmas to all our readers, contributors and fellow bloggers.

Keep making noise, 2010 is going to be big!!

Be safe out there in the snow.

And to all - a goodnight.
Texas Lone Star

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


What does Cornyn say about the air we breathe? Don't ask...

But if you really want to know read Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths.

'Bout time

What does the Fort Worth Star-Telegram say about the air you breathe?
Finally, something...

Steve says Merry Christmas

Dear Rep. Burnam, Sen. Davis, and all concerned citizens:

Before we all take a break for holiday and family related activities in the coming days, I want to simply clarify the challenges before us as a community relative to the Carter Ave. pipeline struggle (and war, for certain folks).

If my interpretation of the Representative's message is correct, CHK (through their front pipeline/utility company TMGS--created simply to possess eminent domain power) never had any intention of ever abandoning their plans (with close cooperation from OUR City) to shove these massive pipelines under and near where "we the people" live and sleep.

A close examination of the facts and recent actions would even indicate that this giant corporation was "playing" the respected elected officials and was continuing to add more insults to injuries on the people living on and near Carter Ave. What a clever (and sociopathic) scheme: use the genuine concerns and political clout of the people's representatives as a part of the "discussions/negotiations" with TxDOT to serve as a ploy to deceive the public as they essentially work to acquire more routes (and easements) for more pipelines while planning the whole time to begin their original pipeline/s down Carter Ave.--pending the coup de grace at my hearing last Friday morning, of course. That's what some would call a "two-fer" or even a bait-and-poach...not just a simple bait-and-switch.

Naturally, the questions that arise are: who knew what/when and who did (or refused to do) what/when to support this cruel and unacceptible conduct (not to me and the elementary school kids on my street who have a clear grasp of right and wrong and fairplay, anyway).

Speaking of kids, my 7 y.o. daughter Lizzy could not accompany me to court Friday because of school but she did ask me how things went and said passionately " I wish I can just smash those pipelines so you can spend more time with me and mommy!!" Later that night as we drove by the gleaming Fort Chesapeake overlooking the Trinity and all of downtown, she noticed that many lights were still on in various offices and asked matter-of-factly "You think they're staying late talking about how to try and beat you next time, daddy?"

After hearing me proclaim ignorance, she shook her clenched fists at Ft. CHK and spitted out "I betcha they're saying 'we're gonna get that Steve Doeung somehow'!!" She stuck her tongue out at them and returned to working on losing her first front tooth and counting down the number of days until Santa comes.

I'm so thankfull for a child's resiliency and innocence. Unfortunately, certain Grinches are also resilient, but not so innocent--as they target our humble little home in their plans for upcoming assaults to rob us of our rights, our property, our dignity, and our sense of security.

At least we (and Santa!) can spend one more Christmas without worrying--too much--about the massive pipeline/s under our front yard.

May you and your family and neighbors never even have to think about, or have this kind of discussions with your children, such disturbing thoughts during this and future seasons of Hope and Peace. Merry Christ-mas, happy holidays, and have a wonderfull 2010!!!

God's blessings on you and yours,

Y. Steve Doeung and 7 year-old Elizabeth (momma's too tired from working two jobs)-- still defiantly and desperately defending our modern-day Alamo on Sycamore Heights

12 hour response

We'll see.

Read about it in the Dallas Morning News.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Being Railroaded

Incoming from one of our VIP's...

This letter begins by claiming that the 3 RRC members are representatives of the 24 million plus constituents of the Lone Star State. This is a gross misrepresentation of fact. They are representatives of industry.

This letter attempts to influence federal legislation at our expense and claims to represent us. I recommend letters to the RRC objecting to this.

See the letter here.

He did it again

See why we like Durango.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Seems like the Water District should get back to WATER, instead of land ownership. Check out Detective Durango.

Is there a lawyer in the house?

If ever there was a man who deserves legal council, that man is Carter Avenue resident, Steve Doeung. He's done pretty damn good on his own for the past year and a half, but a relentless Chesapeake legal team is closing in for the kill. While his neighbors caved in or sold out for various reasons, Steve is still standing on principle.

In a courtroom decked out for Christmas, Steve once again managed to fight off the attempted taking of his property for a dangerous natural gas pipeline. A wreath of colored balls hung above the judge's head and between U.S. and Texas flags. But the mood was not festive.

The judge's warning to Steve is loud and clear: You need an attorney! Someone needs to step up today. It is a travesty that this man can't get the legal aid he needs.

This case is a textbook example of an unjust system tilted in favor of a lying and scheming corporate Goliath. The sordid details have been described elsewhere and are now common knowledge.

Steve's humble yet determined actions are helping protect his and his neighbors safety and property. Standing alone on an island of unselfish hope, he has sent his message in a bottle asking for help.

Is there anyone out there who will take this case? Is there anyone willing to stand up to Chesapeake and help Steve help us all?

Dear Don,

Thank you for your thoughtful observations of what we witnessed Friday at Tarrant County Court as Steve Doeung's case passed another hurdle. I would add three main thoughts & comments::

1. Steve is a smart, humble, principled individual who is willing to fight for the rights for which his immigrant parents risked their lives in coming to America. I was struck by the enormous amount of work he's had to put into this effort to simply defend his homestead, (a fight neither he nor other Carter Avenue residents ever wanted) and how grateful I am that he is willing to do whatever it takes. Having to stay on top of the paperwork and procedures is no easy task, and he's done an admirable job.

2. Having personally had paralegal training, I know that a case can often be won or lost by the failure of either party to complete the simplest of procedural requirements in a timely manner and by certain deadlines. Steve was able to call the court's attention to the fact that Chesapeake's attorneys had failed to perform one of these simple procedures, then tried to gloss over that fact. When the judge questioned them on it, the attorneys had to admit their error. It was a beautiful, victorious moment! However, one cannot bank on that kind of fortunate occurance; IT'S IMPERATIVE THAT STEVE HAVE GOOD LEGAL COUNSEL.

( I must admit, I did enjoy the rare pleasure of watching Chesapeake's usually arrogant, slick, cocky legal staff SWEAT and scramble to dig out of the hole they'd dug for themselves!)

3. The fact that Steve Deoung is having to go through this ongoing legal and court battle begs the question: WHY, in light of the fact that at the Dec. 2nd Public Information Meeting in Ft. Worth Chesapeake's Engineer presented their proposed plan for rerouting the proposed pipeline to the North side of I-30 instead of running that pipeline across the properties/yards of the homeowners of Carter Avenue? WHY is Steve Deoung still being harrassed with this needless legal action and WHY isn't Chesapeake being told to BACK OFF while they work on the viable option of the I-30 route? If Chesapeake is not going to "pull a fast one" at the last minute and go down Carter Avenue, then WHY THE ONGOING LEGAL ACTION NOW? Doesn't Chesapeake realize that in doing this, they are only perpetuating the GROWING DISTRUST that citizens have of them, and that they really CAN'T be trusted, no matter how big their PR budget?

Our NCTCA organization - North Central Texas Communities Alliance - is committed to standing with and supporting Steve Deoung and all the residents/ homeowners of Carter
Avenue who've been harrassed and pressured regarding the eminent domain issues.

"Together we bargain; divided we beg." - Calvin Tillman
Esther McElfish

Cowboys and Indians

The Tarrant Regional Water District is now looking to a tribe in Oklahoma for water. Read about it in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Carter Court Update: Legal Help Wanted

Anybody know a real attorney?

Dear Friends and Neighbors--> >
Here's a brief summary of my court hearing this morning, which lasted about 45 minutes and witnessed by supporters Don Young and Esther McElfish.

1. The Court took up CHK/TMGS' petition to "reinstate" the Writ of Possession, which the Court had apprently withdrawn from them after I had filed my Objections and motion to Dismiss on the morning of 10/15/08. This Writ would give them immediate possession of my property and they sure are wanting it pretty badly. This with-holding of the Writ of Possession by the Court for over a year now (their lawyers also moaned about this fact) is no small matter, any way one looks at it.

2. Their two lawyers argued that the Court should release the Writ to them today. They appeared so certain of the outcome that they had an attorney from the City of FW appear to collect a $400+ claim for some kind of boarding up of a shed in my back yard that they said occurred in 08/05. The lawyer left without the money which was to be taken from the so called "award" paid by CHK/TMGS for the "taking" of my property using eminent domain power.

3. The was a pretty spiritted debate between me, the judge, and their lawyers about the validity of their actions as well as over the truthfulness of their representations. Their view of the truth and the Court's interpretation of truthfulness were the most disturbing part of the whole thing:
(A) CHK claimed that they petitioned the Court to have an attorney ad litem appointed to represent me in the eminent domain/condemnation proceedings (an already lob-sided procedural requirement to forcefully take my property) because (i) they could not locate me after exhaustive searches and (ii) because they had followed the due process requirement in such a situation of "citation by publication" (weekly in the local paper for several consecutive weeks). The results: (i) the facts overwhelming contradict this claim and (ii) they were caught on three different instances of not telling the truth regarding this because there is NO EVIDENCE that such action was EVER taken. However, the Court downplayed and even almost defended these outrageously false representations--by highly educated and experienced lawyers, not some poor guy.

(B) CHK keeps claiming that my Objection and Motion to Dismiss is a procedural response to the decision/"award" of the Three Special Commissioners. It took some time and persistence but the Court was forced to admit that I was not privvy to the decision/"award" (CHK was caught red-handed--AGAIN, claiming that they had provided me with the information) and thus could not have objected to something that I was intentionally shut out of=the appointment of an attorney ad litem, who was paid by CHK. The Court again minimized my pointing out that CHK's lawyer had claimed that THEY HAD TOLD THE ATTORNEY AD LITEM THAT HIS SERVICE WAS NO LONGER NEEDED AFTER I WAS SERVED WITH THE NOTICE OF THE SPECIAL COMM. HEARING ON 09/17/08 AND PORTRAYED THE AD LITEM'S CONDUCT AS (MY WORD) "A ROGUE LAWYER DOING HIS OWN THING WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE OR INVOLVEMENT".

(C) The Court also did not seem to have any problem with the fact that the appopintment of the ad litem was based on false representation, which essentially robbed me of due process and "my day in court"/"the right to be heard". He saw no problem with this willfull denial of my constitutional rights. He denied that any of my legal rights had ever been denied or compromised---no matter the facts and the laws.

(D) The Court and CHK tried to portray me as delaying the whole case by asking for continuances when in fact it was CHK and the Court that had proposed the most recent delay despite my declaration on 01/16/09 (on the records) "Although I cannot afford or find an attorney, I am ready to proceed, Your Honor." They did not like me bringing up facts and asking for proof of certain claims.

(E) The Court admitted that the clerk should not have denied me access to the so called Sp. Comm.'s decision/"award" documents that CHK/TMGS had filed with the court on the afternoon of 10/15/08, but once again deflected my point that it was the (my word, here only) fraudulent appointment and participation of the ad litem that would explain why the clerk refused me access SINCE BASED ON THE FILE I WAS A MISSING PERSON AND DID NOT EXIST THUS WOULD/SHOULD NOT BE GIVEN > ACCESS TO COURT DOCUMENTS.

(F) After reading and re-reading the Texas Property Code (Ch.21), the Court reluctantly had a copy of the Sp.Comm.'s decision/"award" made and handed to me while, ironically, admonishing me to follow procedure by serving my Motion to CHK/TMGS properly (HE HIMSELF HAD TO GIVE ME THE DOCUMENTS THAT CHK/TMGS WERE SUPPOSED TO PROVIDE AND HAD CLAIMED THEY HAD PROVIDED--BUT STILL REFUSED TO DISCLOSE).

4. Court refused my plea to have legal counsel appointed to help me sort through all the legal issues related to the case, but he admitted that there is no law that would prohibit him from doing so, just lack of funds--to which I suggested that CHK put a sum in a trust fund so that I can hire an attorney and "make a sport out of this".


Y. Steve Doeung

Thursday, December 17, 2009

BREAKING NEWS in the Wild West

Will it make the "news"?

This just keeps getting better. Gas drilling, the Fort Worth Way.
Get up - go to court in the morning!!!

- 12/18/09 8:30 a.m.
County Court at Law #3
100 E Weatherford Fort Worth, TX
Judge Vince Sprinkle

The media and the public need to ask many questions.

One extra item of interest (and Don Young can verify this): Suzette Watkins, owner of the Riverside Kennel, owns two acres of land between Scott Ave. and I-30, right next to the Thomas well site. She was taken to court this morning by CHK/TMGS for refusing to let them do a survey on her land, partly because they would not give her straight answers about their exact purpose for such an intrusion.

It appears that her land would be located along the so-called alternative or northern route for the Thomas to Hickman gathering pipeline/s. This legal action made mention of the construction of this very same pipeline project and thus draws into question further why CHK/TMGS is still insisting on taking my land (fraudulently at that, which is why they have not been able to get it for over a year now).

Thank you for your interest and efforts, Ms. Stein. Sorry I didn't respond sooner--I had to make sure it was okay with Suzette to share the information.

Steve Doeung

From: D Stein
To: Steve Doeung
Cc: Greg Hughes
Sent: Thu, December 17, 2009 4:16:19 PM
Subject: Press

I know it's late, but may I send this to my press list?


December 17, 2009


FORT WORTH, TEXAS - Steve Doeung has a court appearance tomorrow regarding a request by Chesapeake/ Texas Midstream Gas Services for an easement to lay a pipeline through his front yard on Carter Avenue. There have been many public declarations that the pipeline will be moved north to I30. However, after hearing “we’re still working on it,” from city staff members, Mr. Doeung and others aren’t so sure about that. And Chesapeake/TMGS seems to still be interested in Mr. Doeung’s property.

Mr. Doeung has contacted Senator Davis and Representative Burnam asking for clarification from them regarding the positioning of the pipeline (see below). Both Davis and Burnam were instrumental in convening talks between Chesapeake and TXDOT for the purpose of finding a route for the pipeline that would not run through homeowners’ yards on Carter Avenue. Eminent domain was created for the “good of the public.” It doesn’t appear that there is anything good about putting citizens through the mental anguish of trying to protect their families, their health and the value of their property.

Dear Sen. Davis and Rep. Burnam:

Please let me make clear what CHK/TMGS' legal team focused objective is for the court hearing that is scheduled in just a little over 48 hours from now: they are asking the court to give them the easement on my property, which would remove the final obstacle in the gas pipeline route coming through Carter Ave.

This clear intention (included in the legal petition) on their part appears to run counter to whatever good-faith discussion and negotiation that you and your staff, et al. had put great time and effort.

Y. Steve Doeung

Friday - BE THERE!

Downtown. Friday 8:30 a.m.!

Incoming Notice for Lake Worth

Just thought that folks out at Lake Worth and the surrounding area would be interested to know that Chesapeake is requesting "abandonment" of the residential platting associated with this area. Anytime that Chesapeake is involved with planning or zoning one needs to be cautious. If you know of anyone around the Boat Club Road residential area please warn them of this upcoming agenda item for the Plan Commission.

Louis McBee

16. PA-09-004 Abandonment of Lake View Estates: 15 Residential Lots
and 1 Public Street. Council District 7. (Mapsco# 46Q)

a. A Vacation of the Plat of Lake View Estates, an Addition to the City of
Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas, as Recorded in Volume 38834,
Page 7, PRTCT.
b. General Location: West of Boat Club Road, north of Ivy Hill Road,
east of Basswood Drive and Basswood Court, and south of Over Lake
c. DRC Recommends: Approval of this plat abandonment which is in
compliance with the Subdivision Ordinance.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Weekly Gas

Check out the FW Weekly this week!!

See why we love Al Armendariz
"I'm here to make a difference, a real difference, in people's lives when it comes to the air they breathe and the water they drink and the environment as a whole."

And another reason we love the Weekly, they talk to THE people, not the PR people.
And more on Carter Avenue and the growing movement as more join the cause to save our city.

Believe it or not...

The city and the media have led us all to believe the War on Carter Avenue has been won by the people and the pipeline route will now go on the other side of I30.

If that were the case, WHY is Chesapeake still taking the one Carter hold out to court Friday morning? Even though the lone hold out asked for legal representation (which we supply to murderers, etc. but not to those having their property stolen) and for a continuance. All requests were denied.

Contact your leaders, come to the courthouse, show your support.
Remember, YOU could be next.

THIS FRIDAY - 12/18/09 8:30 a.m.
County Court at Law #3
100 E Weatherford Fort Worth, TX
Judge Vince Sprinkle

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Kid in Town

This blog caught our attention with the post, I Long For Pervious Concrete. Since flooding is an issue in the metroplex, we've often wondered why more pervious concrete isn't used.

We then read another post on the blog about the Dallas Trinity River project. This kid thinks outside of the box.

Last week when Durango pointed out to the Parks Department and the rest of the world some issues with the levees, it set off a string of comments (some by The New Kid in Town) that can't be missed.

Wise County under attack

What would YOU do?

Watch the news report on TXSharon.

If you can't beat em, buy em

Read about it in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Now XTO owns A LOT of your city.

Said Mayor Mike Moncrief: "XTO remains one of Fort Worth’s finest corporate citizens, and I am pleased to hear that it is Exxon Mobil’s intent to maintain XTO’s operations here in the heart of the Barnett Shale."

Monday, December 14, 2009

Fracing sand Part 2

Not just a "nuisance".

Power in numbers

Louis McBee helping protect Fort Worth and it's residents once again. Read about it in the Fort Worth Business Press.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

An earthquake a day

Three days, three earthquakes in Oklahoma. TXSharon has the scoop.

Channel 8 News Monday!

Don't miss it.

TXSharon knows what's up.

Fracing Sand

See the Fort Worth Star-Telegram article about the Diamond Hill neighborhood under attack.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Spin it

Notice how TCEQ uses the occasion (new EPA Region 6 Administrator) to deliver propaganda that counters the reasons why a new administrator was needed.
These O&G-trained PR people are sooooo transparent.

PHONE: 512-239-5003 / PAGER: 512-606-3681

TCEQ Commissioners Welcome New EPA Region 6 Administrator

EPA and TCEQ to discuss new public participation rules

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality commissioners today hosted recently appointed EPA Region 6 Administrator Dr. Alfredo “Al” Armendariz at the commission headquarters in Austin. The purpose of the visit was not only to welcome the new administrator to his new position but also to discuss the various rules regarding Texas’ successful air program. Yesterday, commissioners approved for publication a new rule package seeking to expand public participation in the state’s air permit process.

"Texas' air quality permitting program is already one of the most robust in the nation,” said Chairman Bryan W. Shaw, Ph.D. “The TCEQ has taken proactive, aggressive measures to improve air quality in Texas. Air emissions and pollution concentrations in our state are at their lowest level in the past 20 years, while Texas continues to maintain a strong, growing economy.”

"I have always viewed public participation as a vital component in the permitting process," said Commissioner Buddy Garcia. "I appreciate Dr. Armendariz spending time with each of us today, and I look forward to working with him to show the rest of the nation how Texas has been successful and will continue to lead on environmental issues.”

“Texas already has a meaningful and engaging public participation process that directly impacts permits and provides significant environmental safeguards,” said Commissioner Carlos Rubinstein. “I welcome the rule changes that will provide even greater public participation and transparency.”

A public hearing to accept comment on the proposed rule revisions will take place January 25, 2010, at 10:00 a.m. in Building E, Room 201 S, at the TCEQ campus, 12100 Park 35 Circle, in Austin. The comment period will end on February 16.

Watchdog in City Hall

I attended the pre-council meeting at FW city hall on 12/08/09. All things considered this meeting displayed a clueless (or pretending to be clueless) city council and TCEQ. Considering that they have issued about 2,000 gas well permits and had numerous public and private discussions with the best gas drillers in the Barnett, one would expect them to be better informed about air quality. Their questions and comments were the epitome of people whose heads are in the sand or the money trough. Obviously, they have not been reading my emails over the past 5 years!

Moncrief, doing his best Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face impression, made a monumental effort to minimize the problem and insist that industry needs to be included in finding solutions to the minimal problems we might have. Coming out of the other side of his mouth were well-chosen words to indicate his concern for "the quality of life" in FW. I stand by all my "quotes" as, in the ballpark.

1) Parks Department head, Richard Zavala, speaking on a different topic than NG, had an interesting quote:

"We do what we're told around here."

How true... how true. The end message on his Powerpoint, quoting an old cowboy saying, read:

"When we take a man's money we ride for the brand."

This is interesting because Zavala has towed the line and carried water for Moncrief and allowed all kinds of intrusions by gas drillers into our public parks including, seismic testing, pipelines, etc. which make it easier for drillers to ruin the ambience of the park usage. The long-term and ongoing threats are significant. I assume he has designs on being the next mayor.

2) Speaking about the upcoming Super bowl at Cowboys Stadium, Moncrief said:

"The eyes of the world are going to be on FW in 2011."

He's right about that but for unintended reasons.

3) Moncrief repeatedly allowed Councilman, Sal Espino to speak at length, leading me to conclude that Sal is Moncrief's appointed heir in the next Mayoral race.

4) The TCEQ speaker, Keith Sheedy, made one of the worst presentations I've ever seen. He was constantly thrown off balance by his own and Moncrief's comments. He did claim that TCEQ would focus on FW in 2010 and that would be looking for things other than Benzene, including sulfides. They will "ask" industry if they are using Best Management Practices, IR camera technology, etc. to control their emissions.

5) Moncrief claims he wants BMP, more testing in FW to determine IF we have a problem. He suggested that the ambient air is already polluted from sources other than NG and wondered if and how TCEQ can distinguish the two. Commenting about the difference in DISH, Wise County, etc., he worried that we are not comparing apples to apples. That our air is clean and we are victims of their dirty air. He went on to say that determining air quality problems is NOT the job of the City of FW.

6) Councilman Jungus Jordan, chimed in that we are using green completions. Sheedy said that TCEQ does not issue permits for that. Someone else said that green completions do not impact air quality.

7) Councilman Joel Burns asked a few good questions of Sheedy, including:

"Who's in charge?"

8) Sheedy said that a mobile sampling truck was working in FW but that no major studies have happened yet. He blamed lack of funding. He did say that 30 agents had been in FW for 24 hours earlier this year.

9) Councilwoman, Kathleen Hicks made a long-ish speech expressing concerns but not to the extent or with the urgency I would have liked from her.

10) Councilman Zimmerman commented that FW should be a top priority due the large population. I could hear a collective gasp from rural residents in the BS.

11) Continuing his faux-concern for public health, Sal, questioned whether so-called, "dry gas", that is purportedly under FW is dangerous to public health.

Sheedy's response:

"Dry gas DOES have Benzene."

12) Sheedy continued, "TCEQ can adopt emission rules as mandatory and specific rules for specific areas."

13) Councilman Danny Scarth, a man who has received cash from drillers for his campaign asked, "How far away from a gas facility does one have to be to be safe." Now there's a deep thinker for you.

14) Moncrief made a point of saying that he wants FW to lead the way in clean air investigations just as we have led the way in urban drilling.

15) Finally, the "M" word came up in a well-rehearsed moment and Moncrief turned to the city attorney and asked if gas drilling was still legal in Texas. With his head bobbing vigorously, the attorney voiced an emphatic, "YES!", thus quashing any further discussion of a moratorium in FW or the BS.

Just Saying "NO" since 2005!


Don Young
"God bless Fort Worth, Texas. Help us save some of it."

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Here is your reminder, be there tonight!!

Keep this in mind

Come election time.

Article in today's Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Perry urges EPA to back off plans to regulate carbon dioxide emissions.

"What Perry is doing, typically, is pandering to the polluters who are lining his pockets," Smith said.

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, said regulating carbon dioxide as a pollutant "would be a job killer" and added, "With double-digit unemployment the last thing Texas families, farmers, and small businesses need is yet another job-killing policy."

U.S. Rep. Kay Granger, R-Fort Worth, also opposes the new EPA policy, fearing that it would "stifle job growth and hurt critical industries in Texas," spokesman Matt Leffingwell said.

While we understand no one wants job loss in Texas, what good is a job if you can't breathe?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What happens when the levees break?

You don't want to know.

Why would levees not be maintained in the first place?

Years later Louisiana residents are still asking that question. Those in Combine, TX are asking it now.

Check out CBS11 for the scoop.

"If it's not fixed, no telling what would happen" says resident Floy Ballantine.

City officials say board members who were supposed to maintain the levee left their positions, leaving nobody in charge.

Now, the town is scrambling to get help from the county and the Army Corps of Engineers.

Fact Checker

Since our earlier post, Testing, we received this email that questions WHY all the facts aren't presented in the news. We've wondered the same for years now.

I wonder if these facts have escaped the Star-Telegram? Today's article, "Pressure grows for testing at gas facilities" stimulated me to come up with these facts.

1. The Regional rep for TCEQ admitted at the DISH meeting where the Wolf Eagle results were reported that TCEQ didn't test for neurotoxins like carbon disulfide because the tests were expensive. They didn't even know how to do such tests.

2. The TX RRC has only 5-6 inspectors for the entire Barnett Shale region.

3. It is not true that there are many other urban areas where horizontal gas drilling is being conducted (as Moncrief claimed).

4. The information coming from CHK about "wet" vs "dry" gas comes from the PR department and is unsupported by measurements and drilling pad infrastructure and truck traffic transporting "produced water".

5. It is not true that there hasn't been an issue with air quality that has been raised to date as Moncrief claimed.

6. The council has ignored evidence of pollution that has been presented to them on numerous occasions. ("Activists said..." implies that the author does not have first hand knowledge.)

7. The council has ignored public safety evidence as well.

8.Moncrief makes over $600,000 in income from the O&G industry each year.

9. Burdette is an O&G lawyer who behaves as if he didn't know about the issues of health and safety or what the built out urban gas field would look like and claims that mineral rights trump all other rights anyway, so God is to blame for whatever the citizens may object to.

10. Scarth, Burns, Espino, Burdette, and Jordan may have income from O&G investments they didn't own before they came on Council.

11. They certainly have had political contributions from the industry.

12. There are no technical data supporting the decision to use 600 ft as a faux drilling set-back requirement and plenty of examples of damage and fatalities at larger distances.

13. The companies drilling here have a well known history of lying about their intentions, their infrastructure needs and designs, and their pollution history.

14. Quietly CHK has purchased $257 million in real property (tax values) all over the county in every zoning category. This came to light recently in a search of the TAD database. Apparently the S-T didn't think to look or question this.

I could probably come up with more facts that seem to be unknown by the S-T or deemed uninteresting.


Read what the Fort Worth Star-Telegram says about air quality testing in Fort Worth.

WHY did it take DISH, TX and Deborah Rogers testing to wake up FTW leaders? Oh, because they started getting some press and could no longer be ignored. The group is not a handful of naysayers, it's a large gathering of people concerned with their environment and leadership.

Keep making noise! We are proud of you all for leading the way!

The state’s results came after private tests paid for by the small town of Dish and business owner Deborah Rogers also found what might be poisons.
Rogers and state Rep. Lon Burnam, D-Fort Worth, have called for a moratorium on new permits until the commission finishes its tests.

Councilwoman Kathleen Hicks added, "We need to look at the city of Fort Worth using some of our own money that we gotten from gas drilling ... for additional testing."

Mayor Mike Moncrief said it’s the state’s responsibility to conduct the tests. "We want to know if there are conditions that are dangerous to the citizens that live around where these wells are located," he said. HUH?

"At the same time there are other urban drilling programs all over the country — and there are fixing to be more — and there hasn’t been an issue with air quality that has been raised to date." HUH?

Activists who attended the meeting said, though, that the council has ignored evidence of pollution related to drilling.

This land is our land

Again, maybe not. Read about the eminent domain cases for Trinity Uptown in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

The water district’s appraiser, Misty Goodrich, placed the land’s value at $2,382,000.

The water district, the condemning authority for the Trinity River Vision Authority, can now deposit the amount and immediately take possession of the two tracts, which total 6.8 acres near 930 N. Henderson St.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Trinity River Levees Breaking

Not IF but WHEN?

Another rainstorm and the failing levees, well, fail.

Combine, 30 miles east of Dallas, held an Emergency Meeting tonight. Below is the agenda.

Condition of the levee; imminence of breach of the levee; investigation results of the levee by engineers; and emergency management activities pertaining to possible evacuation, area of impact (both City and ETJ) if levee is breached, evacuation notification to citizens of Combine and in the ETJ, evacuation routes and procedures, and management of emergency services between City, county personnel, adjacent city personnel and State personnel.

Residents were told to have an evacuation plan and sign up for the emergency call list.

Q & A

Our contributors have questions too.

I just watched the City Council in their hearing with TCEQ and Brian B.

I'm running through too many barf bags this afternoon. This makes me sick. The Council is doing a ballet dance to try to appear concerned while assisting industry in denying responsibility. I thought I would need a 10 gallon receptacle to get me thru Burdette's speech. These people are shills for industry and don't have a clue what questions to ask anyone--not that they really give a damn.

The very idea that they can get answers by asking CHK and XTO to make some measurements and come up with suggestions on how they can improve--is ludicrous on its face. First they wouldn't know what the answers meant, and secondly what makes them think it isn't going to be all crafted by the PR department. And as usual, it's all lies.

Why would you rely on them to tell the truth?????

Mayor on Leno

Check it out on

You are Invited

Dr. Al Armendariz in Arlington Thursday night.
Be there to give Al the hero's welcome he deserves!

Monday, December 7, 2009

He has a point

Read what Mr. Woodard says about eminent domain in the Fort Worth Business Press.

In an overwhelming show of support for property rights, Texans voted 81 per cent on Nov. 3 for Proposition 11, which will place more restrictions on government entities that use eminent domain to take private property.

Considering this vote by four fifths of the electorate, were I promoting $909 million Trinity Uptown, I would now ask for a vote by local taxpayers to be sure this project had solid community support.

Come hell or high water, the Grangerites push on. The public and the Governor and the Constitution be damned!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wise Words

The Wise County Messenger tells you more about Tim Ruggiero.

"They are going to be drilling through the water table," Tim said. "They use carcinogenic chemicals during the fracturing. Some of it might get into the table."

"Do we stay and ruin our health, or leave and ruin our credit?" said Christine of their home in the Allison area.

On Tuesday night, the North Central Texas Communities Alliance (NCTCA) met in Fort Worth to call for a moratorium on further gas production and drilling in the Barnett Shale until several issues are addressed. According to its Web site, the NCTCA is a collection of "individuals, organizations and communities throughout the Barnett Shale area working on local, state and national levels for positive solutions to the problems related to natural gas drilling and pipelines."

Friday, December 4, 2009


Notice Fort Worth is in the mix.


Starting up a well requires 3 million to 7 million gallons of water. Drillers mix in chemicals that environmentalists say can imperil rivers and springs. Critics say natural gas can seep into drinking supplies, too.

Large volumes of water, containing leftover chemicals and mineral waste, return to the surface once a well is complete; that water requires safe disposal or treatment.

Place your bet

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram daily newspaper says the Sale of LaGrave Field could be completed by the end of the year.

The current owner declined to name any of the involved parties.

J.D. Granger, executive director of the Trinity River Vision Authority, confirmed that he met with Amegy officials Thursday. Trinity River Vision is a political subdivision of the water district and has expressed interest in 16 acres of Bell’s property for canals that are part of the huge Trinity Uptown project.

Granger said Trinity River Vision has no desire to own LaGrave or the entire 58-acre tract.

Bell said his negotiations could be strengthened by higher appraisals on two nearby properties in late November, sought by the Tarrant County Water District for the Trinity River project.

Remember what they said in October?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's in the WATER

Radioactive water in Parker and Wise counties. WFAA's Brett Shipp reported on contaminated wells in Aledo, Husdson Oaks, Azle and now Chico.

State officials from TCEQ say until someone gives them documentation saying drilling is causing it, they don't think it is. The TCEQ spokesperson also said, it's nothing to worry about.

Really. Is the water supply to his town cut off? Is he drinking radioactive water?

The Mayor from Chico wants to know why the state isn't doing more to protect water supply.

So do we.

Read about

Mayor Bill White in the Texas Monthly. Read the entire article. Think Houston would trade us?

Over the years he's made some noise with both TCEQ and the EPA. We need more mayors like him! The article begins the story as Hurricane Katrina has slammed into New Orleans and 200,000 evacuees have ended up in his town...

He is learning, as the rest of America will soon realize, to its horror, that the federal government cannot be counted on for much of anything. Nor, really, can the State of Texas. Nor, really, can anyone else.

He has instead taken on more than a dozen major issues, many of which carried considerable political risk. He banned, for all practical purposes, lobbyists from city hall and from any involvement in city contracts, thereby cleaning up what many had come to call “the trough.”

White also went after Lyondell Chemical, the city’s largest emitter of the carcinogen benzene. Unable to force compliance under city laws, he tried an inventive strategy: He challenged Lyondell’s operating permit from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. “If the company believes that it’s just fine to put tons and tons of benzene in the air,” White told the Chronicle last year, in full trial lawyer mode, “then we would like to hear what scientific evidence they have that benzene is good for you.” The matter is still pending.

In July 2008 White went even further: He challenged the Environmental Protection Agency’s basic methods of estimating levels of pollutants. He insisted that because of the EPA’s flawed methods, emissions of harmful chemicals in Houston were many times what they were reported to be. The EPA’s reply, which made national news, came in April 2009. To the amazement of many, the agency agreed with White and promised to overhaul the way it calculates cancer-causing emissions from plants.

Coming Soon

We don't know him, but we like him already.

Josh Fox.

We like the name of their partner website too.

Pick One

We can't decide which of the agencies involved is more at fault. When another disaster takes place due to their complete disregard of integrity, both personal and structural, we'll see WHO takes the blame then.

See the story from Dallas, "Corps OKs plan to move ahead with Trinity bridge project" on

After underground sand was found below and around the levees, the Corps threatened to delay the approaches to the bridge. But the agency ended up giving the project the green light after the Texas Department of Transportation promised added protections.

Wasn't the Corps just found guilty for failure to do the right thing in Louisiana? Do YOU believe TXDOT's promise?


Lon Burnam calls for a moratorium on gas drilling. So do We The People!

Read all about it in the FW Business Press.

Remember, Mayor Moncrief said he will do whatever it takes to protect the safety and well being of our citizens. Hold him to it! Make some noise!

When you’re in a hole, stop digging, Burnam said at a community meeting about the contentious, proposed Carter Avenue pipeline on the city’s east side. The state representative first called for a moratorium 18 months ago. Now, he says he knows more through the experience gained over the past several years and months.

WHO said WHAT?

The first North Central Texas Community Alliance meeting was a success! There were over 60 people in attendance, and most were not industry moles. We saw no current city leaders. More people attended Tuesday's meeting than the public city meeting Wednesday.

Calvin Tillman, Mayor of DISH, TX had to miss the meeting though he did prepare a video, that you can see on TXSharon here.

Many residents from Carter Avenue, and some of their children spoke. Steve Doeung, the one resident to hold out and fight the eminent domain threat against his property, spoke on the integrity and values of America and our citizens and protecting our children.

The Rosemont neighborhood leader, Robert Snoke, spoke on their recent victory.

Residents from Coldwater Creek attended too.

Tim Ruggiero spoke about the taking and destroying of his property and family security by the gas industry. He and the audience were both moved to tears. You can read about his fight on TXSharon.

TXSharon spoke on the work OGAP has done.

Louis McBee gave a great speech, reminding all that none of these issues are new. They have all been brought up to and ignored by council and the gas drilling task force in the past.

Gary Hogan spoke as well. He recalled years ago when the drilling started near his house, he called Chuck Silcox at midnight. Chuck came right away. (We sure do miss Chuck).

There were many of the communities biggest players in the audience. Jerry Lobdill, Charlie Murphy, Clyde and Tru Picht, Cathy Hirt, Mike Phipps, and of course Don Young.

Lon Burnam's mixer after the meeting was a great success as well. Congrats on a meeting well done. Remember, it's only the beginning!

What did the Fort Worth Star-Telegram say about the meeting Tuesday and the meeting held by city representatives Wednesday? Something about "in principle".

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

You hear that?

You will. Keep listening.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead