Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Is there anyone in Tarrant County who can help?

We received the following from a reader -

My sister-in-law is in need of desperate help, as soon as possible.  She has lost everything she has due to the corruption of the Tarrant County Family Court system.  Her children, her home, her reputation, and almost her sanity.  Her stories sounded incredulous, so I began to do some research, and I am shocked and appalled - sickened really, by all the numerous complaints against the Tarrant County Family Court. So many people, mostly women, have reached out for help, and told their stories, and it appears as if nothing can be done. How it is possible for this to go on in The United States of America, in this day and time?

This is a link to the many cases I am referring to: 

After spending thousands of dollars, she doesn't know where to turn.  If you can be of any help, or have suggestions as to how she might get some help, please contact me at this email address. 

Thank you,


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