Friday, March 25, 2016

America to Establishment:

Who the hell are you people?

That's the title of a McClatchy DC article and it's excellent. 

The above image is campaign sign from a fictional president on a popular political show.  It's also how most feel about politics right now.

The article had some great points.  It can't be the same Fort Worth Star-Telegram McClatchy, right??

Almost universally, the establishment is seen as incestuous and isolated

 In 2016 America, the deepest divide is not between Democrats and Republicans. It’s not even between conservatives and liberals. It’s between Us and Them – the people versus The Establishment.

a “Washington cartel.”

Access is this group’s common currency. Wall Street spends millions to open doors to the top levels of the government that regulates it. Politicos bend over to get access to the money that keeps them in office. The media cut deals to get access to decision makers needed to feed ratings and circulation, even if sometimes at the cost of objectivity.

“It’s a collection of people who live in Washington, D.C., and don’t care about the rest of the world,” said Hackmann. And, he noted, “They all have jobs.”

Of 78 members of Congress who left after the 2010 elections, four out of five found work with lobbying firms or clients, state or federal governments or political action committees.

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