Monday, April 13, 2015

Wait! Didn't THEY say that was a bad thing??

Mayor Betsy Price and other past their prime has been officials for years have been jumping up and down shouting and pointing fingers at those running for seats on the Tarrant Regional Water District board.

They try to use the straw man tactic that the evil Dallas Boogeyman wants YOUR water!  They say that's why he donates to elections.  It couldn't be because the evil TRWD is taking his private property, right?

And then lo and behold, a former mayor and Texas Congressman (whose district does NOT include Dallas) spends their time calling around Dallas begging for money.

If you haven't seen the incumbent's campaign finance report, you should take a look.  While they scream and yell that Dallas money is bad, they took money from 6 Dallas businessmen.  Say what??

Of course the Fort Worth Star-Telegram made no mention of this irony (ironic, isn't it?) and said Lane and Lenoard took money from business leaders in "Dallas-Fort Worth".  Thanks for the laugh, ST.

Remember that the next time they tell you Dallas is trying to take control of YOUR water.  While you're at it, request a copy of the IPL (Integrated Pipeline) report (produced in part by the TRWD) that shows the pipeline, which the TRWD is so focused on, takes water TO DALLAS.

You know, that place YOUR mayor joined in with to try and make water restrictions permanent.

Remember this little gem from the FW Weekly in 2012 -

Soon after, Fort Worth’s council discussed water restrictions at a pre-council meeting. They never made it to a vote. Same thing happened in Irving.

A spokesman for Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price said there would be a public hearing during the summer. That never happened either.

Keep in mind what happens when nothing ever gets done.

Stop the insanity -

Vote Craig Bickley and Michele Von Luckner in May!

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