Monday, April 13, 2015

Real people, real letters

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram printed letters from THE PEOPLE with a point.  Surprise!

The Tarrant Regional Water District has delivered its “annual report,” a slick, taxpayer-funded mailer supporting challenged incumbents. It contains not a word on Panther Island, which consumes most of the district’s attention and resources. 

It mentions incumbent Marty Leonard’s bachelor’s degree from Southern Methodist University, and bestows on incumbent Jim Lane the unique title of “secretary pro tem.” 

The four status-quo members are nicely flowered. Mary Kelleher, the only director who has challenged the status quo, and who has led the charge to inject ethics and transparency into this organization, is listed simply as “director,” with no educational credentials. 

With a master’s in educational psychology and certificates in advanced graduate studies, she is likely the most highly educated board member. 

Three challengers – Keith Annis, Craig Bickley and Michele Von Luckner, are vying for Leonard’s and Lane’s seats. We must ensure new blood to clean up this corrupt cesspool. Study up, and vote!

— Mark Greene, Fort Worth

The TRWD owns Eagle Mountain Lake and is responsible for mitigating and removing hazards to navigation in the lake.

Current low water in the channel at Harbor One Marina has exposed a dozen tree stumps that will be a danger to boating when the water level rises and they are no longer visible. This is the perfect time to remove them. 

Their location is known and removal is relatively easy and inexpensive. The board and management of the TRWD have flatly refused to help the boating community with this problem.

TRWD says this removal would expose it to some unspecified liability. Can anyone imagine a lamer, more outlandish excuse? 

The ordinary taxpayer is not an unalloyed beneficiary of the TRWD, but all too often a victim. 

— William S. Wright, Fort Worth

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