Friday, December 5, 2014

Fell for Prop 1? Roads vs. Rail

Not all of you live in the 12 county Metroplex region, but all of you have your transportation policy determined by a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). Ours in North TX is the largest in the state, and is called the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC).

And yes, they plan to spend $15.1 BILLION in North Texas on new rail, in addition to the $3.9 BILLION they've already spent. And yes, traditional roadways are the LAST funding priority for your federal, state, county and city tax dollars. Peachy, isn't it?

But the people are not powerless. The below two articles are information that most Texas State legislators are currently unaware of, and they need to hear from you.

Local Officials Are Funding Rail Over Roads:
"Citizens should demand vocal action from their state, county and local officials. After all, the RTC has been granted its power by the legislature. Residents should ask their representatives when roads, not rail, will become the top transportation priority before they attempt to “fix” the problem by recklessly throwing more money at it."

Full Article:

Prop 1's Toll Prohibition Is Effectively Meaningless:
"Texans who voted for Proposition 1 in the hopes of stopping toll road expansion are in for a big disappointment. Without a statewide prohibition on toll roads, rail and other non-road projects that applies to all state funds, increases in state funding like Prop 1 will actually encourage more waste by the regional governments that ultimately control which projects receive funding...Don't take my word for it, the RTC admits this is true."

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