Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lackluster Granger Greene Debate Forum with an Added Libertarian

While we appreciate the League of Women Voter's hosting a forum for this district WHO rarely sees their "leader", we have to admit, it could use some improvement.

Again, we were surprised they got Granger to show up.  We were also impressed that they included the Libertarian candidate as too many others do not.  If they are a candidate in the race, WHAT gives the "news" the right to leave one out?

The location, which we are sure was free, was small, with terrible parking and not in the most accessible location.

It almost seemed as if they didn't want people to attend.

The moderator wasn't as professional as one would hope for a race of this magnitude and some of the questions were, well, strange.  We were told we couldn't applaud and we couldn't ask questions, and if the question you turned in was directed to just one candidate, those wouldn't be considered.  Only questions that affected us all.  Then they asked the candidates about farm subsidies.  Yes, really.  While it affects us all, as in the fact we pay for it, it probably affects one percent of the folks gathered in that room.

What they didn't ask, which had everyone in the room asking, WHY, was ANYTHING about the Trinity River Vision.  The billion dollar, taxpayer funded, eminent domain scheme in the middle of the district doesn't even deserve a mention?  Things like this are WHY people are fed up with our current "leaders" and those who coddle them.

For the most part the forum was the same as any other forum, except for the repeated burst of applause for Mark Greene's responses.  At least half a dozen times, part of the room burst in to cheers when Greene answered questions or gave his opening statement.  Granger did not receive any.  She did use the word "I" more than any other candidate in attendance.  Some things never change.

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