Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Kicking butt and taking names

This is how you fix toll road schemes.

Following is an update on the City Council and Hunt County Com. Court Oct. 13 & 14 meetings:

1) Josephine passed a Resolution against the Toll Road

2)  Hunt County Commissioners meeting - no official action - some questions being asked since the meeting

3)  Greenville City Council will repeal their former Resolution supporting the toll road, but is not committed to any no resolution opposing it at this time.

4)  Caddo Mills will bring an opposing Resolution to a vote November 3rd.  It is expected to pass. Caddo Mills Chamber of Commerce came to the Caddo Mills City Council Meeting and asked them to oppose the road. 

5)  Royse City City Council would not allow anyone not in the city limits, not even in their ETJ to speak.  They even would not allow those who were there prior to the meeting finish completing their forms to speak once the meeting started.  initially, they were going to allow everyone to speak.  I believe their attorney advised otherwise.  They are supporters of this road in my opinion.  This action may not be legal because a general law city must have a policy in place to allow for public comments. They cannot change the policy without an official vote on the matter.  I also believe that a couple of those who spoke about repairing a specific road were in the ETJ, not the city.  I will request the forms and check the addresses.  The mayor called a couple of our names to tell us before the meeting they checked our addresses and we could not speak.

6)  Rowlett City Council is drafting a letter of opposition to be sent out by Friday.  Will bring back a formal Resolution opposing the road.

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