Thursday, September 4, 2014

Story remains the same, only the names have changed

According to the preliminary maps for the Blackland Tollway /Northeast Gateway Corridor Project, this project will run very close if not through my family’s home and property. While we are not huge acreage holders, we do have a home on two acres and have paid taxes to Rockwall County for over 25 years. Therefore I believe we should have a voice in the approval or dismissal of this project. My wife and I have worked too hard to make our home a beautiful place filled with memories to be cherished for years to come, for it to be torn down and turned into a profit center for a private corporation. I implore you all to fight against this project as there is no need for another “for profit tollway” to be built in this area.  The only private tollway in Texas failed and went bankrupt. The new tollway outside of Tyler is now being subsidized by millions of tax dollars because of low usage and to lower the cost to truck traffic.  All this is doing is allowing TxDot off the hook to use the tax dollars you and I already pay to the State of Texas for improving the infrastructure already in place.  Please help those of us in the direct path of this abomination. It is time to say No More Tollways!

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