Friday, September 5, 2014

Residents say NO WAY to Tollway

Well, they would have, if they weren't kicked out before getting an opportunity to speak.  The meeting was shut down by the Fire Marshall due to too many people showing up.  Did you hear that?  TOO MANY PEOPLE SHOWED UP!  Collin County, we are very impressed.  It's estimated 500-700 people were in attendance.

We've talked to some of those organizing the fight against the plunder for the Blackland Tollway and we've put them in touch with some others that can help.

Good luck to all!  We have a feeling the elected officials & the COG are going to need it.

If you haven't heard - Don't mess with Texas.  Texans don't like it.

You can get the scoop on  And stay tuned, we'll have more to come.

Fire marshal shuts down overcrowded toll road meeting

Too many people showed up. Police told News 8 that they counted 360 inside NeSmith's cafeteria, which only holds 200. The fire marshal said it was unsafe and the meeting had to end.

"In my 35 years, we've never had a shutdown meeting because of an overflow crowd. But that's good. They're interested," Morris told News 8.

NCTCOG immediately began looking for new larger venues that could accommodate all the interested residents.

Morris said this public meeting would be rescheduled in the next 10-to-14 days.

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