Friday, July 11, 2014

THEY don't trust you

The Fort Worth Planning and Zoning Commission denied the plans for the Stockyards redevelopment this week.  Seems they "have a real problem with how quickly this was put in front of the community and in front of us".  The P&Z is still concerned the council will pass it anyway.

We received a copy of the letter sent to the City Council from a citizen.  Read on.  And visit the Stockyards before it's gone...

I oppose any decision on this case, and I note that the Zoning Commission did not recommend its passage.

This case has been known to City Staff for about 2 years, but negatively affected parties have been kept in the dark as is the usual procedure in Fort Worth. This practice should be summarily stopped. It is ruining the city as a place to live and a tourist destination. Further, it violates the intent of maintenance of a Master Plan--an obligation of the city council.

This project is the brainchild of the owner of much of the land in and around the Stockyards, and he has brought in billionaires from Las Vegas, who have no interest in anything but fattening their pocketbooks. Together they have pursued this idea knowing that the people of this city do not want their history and heritage destroyed by outside interests that don't give a damn about history.

The city council is complicit in this back room deal--as was the case with urban gas drilling.

It is time to put an end to this blind obedience to greed. 

Please do not approve this zoning change request, and put a spotlight on any further activities involving the requesting parties. 

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