Friday, July 18, 2014

Drowning in Fort Worth

The Tarrant Regional Water District just keeps on giving.  Not only do they give your money away, they give writers worth their weight all kinds of fodder.

Durango tells you about the latest (probably Fort Worth Star-Telegram driven) attack on Mary Kelleher.

And Don Woodard has been keeping the masses informed by sharing Committees of Correspondence.  Many folks sharing their thoughts on the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle and the TRWD daily.

We'll share one of the more colorful ones here.

Shame on you, Don! 

Criticizing all of those folks just because they’ve found a way to get rich through slick governmental maneuvers regarding the Trinity basin, or the Panther Plain or Rip-Off Acres. Whatever you want to call that area -- and related projects.

That’s called entrepreneurship.

Sounds as if you are jealous that you haven’t dipped into that money bucket. After all it is only taxpayers’ money and so what if none of us had a chance to say yea or nay about these multi-million (soon to be billion) dollar expenditures as they rampaged over the various small businesses that had the fun of being displaced—like it or not. Those Folks know what’s best for us and, of course, it’s just coincidental that it happens to be good for them, maybe you might say, even overwhelmingly good for them…and their relatives and buddies. Like building bridges over water that doesn’t exist—and may never exist!. And anyway, who says bridges have to be built over water. But you should be pleased, because as a taxpayer you’ll be able to cross  over them to get to NoWhereVille. And use them instead of the perfectly adequate bridges that already exist – but aren’t shining, new and sexy—and unexcitedly, are already paid for!

So, Mr. Woodard, rather than complain, why don’t you do something positive—like getting into the action. Just offer the city a contract to build another bridge to go no where and where there is no water. (When you think of it, it makes a lot sense because it is easier to build a bridge where there is no water.) And you must have some brother or son or third cousin once removed you could assign to draw pictures of the bridge-to-be. And they certainly shouldn’t do it for free. And others to be consultants and managers. And every project needs a supreme director with at least a half dozen assistant directors. You certainly must have a son or daughter that would accept an appointment to that position. And, remember, a perquisite definitely is: no experience necessary.

So here’s my advice to you young man:

Simply stated: Rather than complaining, join the gang…oops, sorry about that. I mean…join the civic group, and as a good parent should do: hire your sons, daughters, uncles, aunts, godfathers and godmothers, second cousins once and twice removed. I hope this helped you to see the light! Now get busy and get rich. And don’t bother to clutter up citizens’ minds and the news media with announcements letting them know what you are proposing. And definitely don’t let them give their opinions and by no means should they be able to vote on such boondoggles…Oops again! I meant to say: “such civic projects.”

P.S. Belated thought: Besides taking care of relatives, don’t forget your friends…and I think of myself as one of your good friends and admirers. That fourth bridge you would be designing could be a toll bridge and
because I thought of it, you could make me chief toll collector (so,OK, OK…I’ll give you a percentage kick back). Just a thought.

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