Wednesday, June 25, 2014

More, Nothing was ever done....

They are jacking up your air and your water, now it's all gone to sh**.  Literally.

Read about the biosolids battle in Wise County on WFAA.

Is Wise county upstream from YOU?

"The notion that the TCEQ is proactive is a joke,” said Midlothian resident Craig Monk. “They are reactive, and they are only reactive to complaints."

Monk, who lives up the road from one of the largest biosolids operations in Ellis County, has led the push for greater state enforcement. His website,, posts disturbing pictures, publishes petitions and implores the state to do more.

One year ago, the state proposed a $2,500 fine against Renda Environmental in the Wise County case. As of today, Renda continues to appeal and has yet to pay a penny.
"It's been over a year and they've done nothing,” Monk said. “The message that sends to Renda is simple: They can do what they want."

Renda officials declined an on-camera interview, but told us "Renda’s environmental record is exemplary and expects that these matters will be favorably resolved.”
Monk is not stopping. He has started a petition to totally ban the application of biosolids on Ellis County farms, especially pastureland.

One photo on his web site shows cows in the middle of a stockpile of waste.

David Galindo, the state's director of water quality, says cows are not supposed to have that level of contact with biosolids, but he also insists that if rules are followed, biosolids are safe.

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