Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fort Worth Floating

No, we don't mean the Tubing the Trinity/Floating with Feces.  We mean the inadequate storm drainage that caused havoc all over Fort Worth yesterday when a few inches of rain fell.

Since "nothing was ever done", can you image what is going to happen when we get a few feet of rain falling?

We noticed the Fort Worth Police posted pictures of cars and streets under water on 7th street.  Isn't that right in the middle of the Trinity River Vision TIF?  Wasn't the Trinity River Vision supposed to correct flooding?  Oh, the irony.

We saw many jokes about the Tarrant Regional Water District online during yesterday's storm.  Too bad no one will be laughing when someone else dies because of it.

You can check out some of the footage on WFAA.  Storm floods Fort Worth streets.

For those of you who do Tube on the Trinity, you might want to consider skipping it this week.

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