Monday, March 31, 2014

Got Water?

The Fort Worth City Council is scheduled to approve a revised Drought Contingency Plan Tuesday night, April 1, at the 7:00 PM City Council Meeting.  The plan will make the current inflexible designated watering day restrictions year-round, in addition to making other immediate and future changes to your interior and exterior water use.  Some friends stopped by my office Saturday with a document they had to sign just to add a bathroom in their California home.  In California, you must get a permit from the local water agency to add any water fixture, even a toilet, and to get the permit you must modify the deed on your house to bind yourself and any future purchasers to the water agency’s water ordinances.  It’s extreme government control.  I think that is where Fort Worth is heading and will be in 20 years.

Government does not have to be this heavy-handed to promote water conservation.  There is a better way.  I will speak against the part of the Drought Contingency Plan that makes the current restrictions year-round and recommend the Council postpone the vote to consider the Woodard Plan, which is attached.  I only get three minutes unless 9 others agree to show up and actually do show up. They must arrive before the meeting starts at 7:00 and stay until after the issue is decided.  To be safe, they should plan on being at the meeting until 10PM.

Please let me know if you or family members will definitely commit to attending Tuesday night’s meeting.  If they will come, please give me their names and e-mail address.  I must enter their name in my registration on the city’s website, and I would like to do that by 7PM Monday night.  Even if you decide to show up at the last minute, I will appreciate your attendance and support.

Blake Woodard

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