Monday, March 3, 2014

DINO in District 90 Election

Dear District 90 Voter----

My race is incredibly close and increasingly nasty.

People in District 90 are getting robocalls and flyers accusing me of enabling pedophiles, stealing from the state and even - I kid you not - a robocall from a fake police officer saying I was literally caught with my pants down in a local park. Then there's the ad from a school-privatization group praising my opponent for being the pro-public education candidate.

We are hitting back hard with mail, block-walking and phone calls, but our stepped-up effort is quickly draining the bank account.

I need your help, and it's now or never.

Three ways you can help:

1. Make an online contribution to fund our get-out-the-vote operation.
2. Come volunteer in Fort Worth Monday or Election Day Tuesday.
We'll be phone-banking and block-walking. RSVP
3. Join our Austin phone-bank Monday from 5PM-8PM:
Texas State Teacher's Association (TSTA)
316 W. 12th Street, Austin, Texas 78701
(Corner of 12th & Lavaca- parking lot entrance on 12th)
Remember to bring your cell phone!
RSVP so we can get enough refreshments at

Thank you for your support and beware of DINOs (Democrats-in-name-only) in this race and others!

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