Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Speaking of fundraisers...

Saturday night, Jonathan Stickland hosted a fundraiser at the Hurst Convention Center.  It was packed!  Approximately 600 people showed up for the event.  30 State Rep's were in attendance and several big wigs spoke by video conference.

Michael Quinn Sullivan was on hand as well.  He had a busy week too as he emceed the Empower Texans event in Downtown Fort Worth a couple of days before.  That event drew approximately 100 people.  Many movers and shakers in attendance and speaking.  Mary Kelleher from the Tarrant Regional Water District spoke as well as the mother from Dallas whose kids were removed (& returned) because they are home-schooled.  (Say it with us, WHAT?!)

Lots going on out and about lately.  You should get involved.  Pick something.  Then do something.

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