Friday, January 3, 2014

Azle, Welcome to Fort Worth

Seems many at the Public Meeting last night in Azle were surprised that it would be a meeting where questions wouldn't be answered.  Even some "news" reporters were baffled and irritated.  Have these "news" reporters never attended a meeting in Tarrant County?  This is how the dog and pony show rolls.

The Railroad Commissioner didn't get off to a good start.  Usually when you open a meeting, you introduce yourself.  And you don't say you're leaving early because you're busy and there is a football game on.

Doesn't sound like Geren made a good impression either.   Of course those in Fort Worth already know this.  Now those in Azle do.  We're thinking voters may remember this meeting when it's time to reelect these paid positions.

The FW Weekly and Fox News links are both interesting.  Clarice Tinsley getting fired up was too.  Never a dull moment in Tarrant County.

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