Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tired of paying for Hike and Bike Trails where streets used to be?

YOU aren't alone.

Ask YOUR Congressman WHY YOU are being double taxed.

Hike & bike trails
Blumenauer chairs the Congressional Bicycle Caucus and is a huge advocate of Agenda 21-style ‘complete streets’ policies designed to restrict auto mobility and elevate other more politically correct modes of travel -- biking and walking. Many Americans have had their streets ripped up and reconfigured to make way for dedicated bike lanes with five foot buffers, shrinking auto capacity and using scarce road dollars for exclusive bike lanes that are seldom used. Other methods include taking out already limited street parking to make way for bicycle lanes and/or expanding sidewalks. Blumenauer's tax hike will most assuredly, at least in part, be siphoned off for bike lanes and transit.

One of the chief tenants of Agenda 21 is to restrict mobility. Complete streets policy are a big step in restricting mobility and so are toll roads. Not only do toll taxes limit the number of travelers who can use toll roads thereby restricting mobility, but in some cases, like in Texas, gas taxes are used to actually build, subsidize, or provide loan guarantees for toll projects. This misuse of gas tax double taxes motorists and makes all taxpayers foot the bill for roads they may never use or afford to drive. It’s also not truth in taxation. When people take a toll road, they think that toll pays for the road they’re driving on. That’s no longer the case.

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