Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Need legal help to get your Chesapeake royalities?

To All,

In  case you missed it The McDonald Law Firm might just be the first to come out seeking clients who feel that Chesapeake Energy has underpaid  them on their gas royalty interests. An Ad on page 5B of Sundays Fort Worth  Section advertise  a Free Analysis and Consultation ( If no recovery there is no fee )

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address: 3100 West 7th St. Suite 230 Fort Worth, Texas76107.

After Chesapeake had the extreme nerve to attempt to underpay not only the most prominent  family in Fort Worth, the city of Arlington, and recently even the City of Fort Worth has contemplated or actually also filed a lawsuit.

Years ago even in best of times, on my speaking engagements I warned citizens that by themselves they would never know without much research and knowledge be able to tell if they were ever paid correctly for their royalty. Operators have the ability in many ways to unfairly pay royalties.

I predicted when  first reports came to light with the DFW  airport lawsuit that one day would come when law firms would be  willing to take on these cases for the masses most probably as a class action lawsuit. I believe this is  what is about to occur. My concern is 1) How much after settlement an individual residential property owner might be able to recover ( after legal fees and the attorney / law firm fees are taken from the settlement.) I was actually approached as lead of NCTCA  to do leg  work for one  law firm out of Dallas. I recommended then that they take out ads in newspapers to seek clients as I did not have the personal time to commit to their profit.

However having  said that the PLUS  is taking the likes of Chesapeake publicly to task for cheating citizens  what is rightfully owed to them.

Therefore in that spirit I am sending this information out to all I know  and ask them to make that decision for themselves if they choose to look into this offer.

Gary Hogan

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