Wednesday, November 20, 2013


So we've been hearing about this voluntary(?) traffic stop/ DNA swab deal that took place on the border of Fort Worth and Haltom City. 

Watch the video from NBC5, then ask these questions.

If this was all voluntary and on the up and up, WHY would Haltom City nor Fort Worth know about it? 

WHY would Fort Worth have no record of it? (A later update on that in their article).

WHY would the NHTSA block a major arterial road during lunch hour on a weekday?

WHY are they paying for your DNA and blood?  WHAT are they going to do with that? 

WHY hasn't the agency answered the "news" questions?

We saw Bud jumped on this story too---

We also talked to the one lady who did not stop. She said she didn't have time for "silly stuff".  We couldn't agree more.

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