Friday, November 8, 2013

Get in line!

Remember just a few short years ago when the cities and thier "leaders" were lining up to support Chesapeake?

Now they are lining up to sue them.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram gives you the bare bones on the latest group to join the fight.

If they are jacking with city, school and billionaires royalties, what do YOU think they are doing to yours?

How do you like them now?
Joining a line of other governments and individuals in North Texas, the Arlington school board voted Thursday night to sue Chesapeake Exploration, claiming the company has underpaid royalties for natural gas.

The companies have oil and gas lease agreements that cover more than 1,000 acres owned by the school district involving 40 producing wells, according to the suit.

The school board’s vote to join the suit was unanimous.

In October, the city of Fort Worth also sued the energy companies. Other suits have been filed by financier Ed Bass, Trinity Valley School and several Fort Worth landowners.

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