Sunday, June 23, 2013

House of Cards

The Fort Worth House of cards is swaying. From the Water Board to the School's coming.....

I have sent the below document to numerous people. We need people's help to end all of the shenanigans going on within FWISD. Please advise.

To whom it may concern, 

I am an employee of Fort Worth ISD (FWISD). I am forwarding some links (below) to articles written about a former FWISD employee and friend, Joe Palazzolo, former Assistant Principal and Whistleblower, who has been embattled with the district for the past 3 years over wrongful termination and retaliation. Typically, a type of situation like Mr. Palazzolo's doesn't warrant a special plea to TEA; however, this case involves more than unjust firing. This involves a blatant misuse of power by the FWISD School Board of Trustees and the Superintendent, Walter Dansby. The case thus far, has cost taxpayers almost $500K and counting, to defend the district against their wrongful termination practices. The story links were written by the late Betty Brink, freelance journalist for The Fort Worth Weekly. These articles, especially "Powder Keg", covered attendance fraud, sexual harassment, retaliation, bullying, and embezzlement of Booster club funds at Arlington Heights High School (AHHS). Furthermore, the article influenced the succession of a string of retaliation and bullying toward the complainants (teachers) of AHHS, specifically Mr. Palazzolo, who served as his school's Diversity Representative. I urge you to please read the stories about FWISD and Mr. Palazzolo. 

Additionally, as of last night, a new surprising development was discovered, when the district posted an audio of a special board meeting executive session held on June 17, 2013 on their public district website. Members are heard arrogantly and maliciously belittling Mr. Palazzolo, his character and work ethic. The board members and Superintendent are heard laughing and making light of his impending case against the district and recent mutual agreements made in Decatur, Tex 271st court to resolve the suit. This development found its way to The Weekly, YouTube and other local journalists. Until now, no one has helped to hold FWISD accountable for wasting taxpayer money instead of settling Mr. Palazzolo's case amicably. All Mr. Palazzolo has wanted for the last 3 years is to get his job back and continue serving the students of our district. I don't know how much you can do from your position or if you are even able to help in immediately demanding transparency from FWISD. Our local DA has never helped, even when former AHHS administrators were found guilty of their illegal actions. The Star Telegram and other media outlets have protected the district from reporting anything negative, past and present. 

We can no longer sit idly by and watch our school district implode with constant negative publicity it has received, not only since the Palazzolo case surfaced, but with countless past, as well as other impending lawsuits. Our school district does not have to be this way; we must put our children's education first and foremost. However, it appears our district is putting their unethical and immoral behaviors first! As employees, parents and concerned taxpayers, how can we hold people at FWISD accountable for their questionable practices?  Below are the links I have been speaking of, as well as the link to the board meeting audio. Feel free to contact Mr. Palazzolo at 817-597-0650 or Mr. Eric Griffey, The Weekly journalist covering the Palazzolo case, at 817-319-5554. I ask that my identity remain confidential, since I am still currently employed by FWISD and also feel retaliation could ensue. Thank you for your time

Links to FWISD board meeting audio June 17, 2013 made public 6/21/13 and The Weekly Story

Links to stories on FTW Weekly regarding FWISD and Joe Palazzolo, Whistleblower

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