Friday, June 21, 2013

Heads will roll...

A letter to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram puts the $6 million dollar taxpayer loss by Tarrant Regional Water District into perspective.

The letter writer asks a good question of the TRWD - WHO do you think YOU are?

Water poaching

Let’s say a grocery agrees to give to a local food bank the food that isn’t sold before the expiration date. A few years later the food bank sues because the grocery won’t allow the food bank to pick fresh product from the shelves as soon as they are stocked.

How about allowing your dog to eat everything that falls off a picnic plate? What if he decided to eat directly off the plate with you because he was picking up a little dirt with the food off the ground?

Well, that’s what some bright folks at the Tarrant Regional Water District were trying to do — move upstream from the Red River, where we have water rights, to inland Oklahoma rivers and lakes full of fresh water where we don’t have rights. 

Who do we think we are? Where do we make up the $6 million? Heads should roll.

— John T. Johnson III, Arlington

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