Monday, April 9, 2012

From the Fort Worth Weekly to the NY Times to the AP...

Gas drilling is the talk of the towns.  One of the biggest differences is the letter from those protecting the Watershed's in New York.  You'd think Texans would protect their water...and a State would know WHO its constituents are... 

 Two hundred fifty medical professionals petitioned New York State last year for a health assessment and received no response.

From false advertising and lawsuits, the beat goes on.

For a split second, injection wells in Venus made the news.  WHO's taking bets on what happened out there after the Easter storms?

Tuesday's storms have stirred up more questions about an injection well in Venus. Land owners are worried about chemicals mixing with rainwater, and possibly spilling into a creek that empties into Joe Pool Lake.

Property manager Tim McCloskey scans the creek bed in his pasture everyday. Two days after the storm, he can still spot a slick sheen coating the surface. It's floating less than a half-mile down stream from where fracking trucks drop saltwater into an injection well.

And while they party every chance they get, they are busy bursting their own bubble.  WHO pays for that?

The glut has benefited businesses and homeowners that use natural gas. But with natural gas prices at a 10-year low — and falling — companies that produce the fuel are becoming victims of their drilling successes. Their stock prices are falling in anticipation of declining profits and scaled-back growth plans.              

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