Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fort Worth Mud Run Participant dies...

In the Trinity River. No explanation as to how yet, just unanswered questions.

Our thoughts go out to the family.

We were surprised more people were getting in the Trinity River.

Are these people from here?

Did they not see the one newscast where someone finally tested the water? If the Fire Department spokesperson questions the decision to get in the river,  what does that tell you?   "'s murky, there's a lot of stuff in this river and... I don't beliveve that I would take a swim in it."

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jpine1988 said...

I've run in the MudRun a couple times, including this year. This tragedy was due to pure neglect on the organizers part. Runners are asked to cross the river twice. The water is cold and you are already breathing heavy and getting tired. When getting in cold water the bodies response is similar to shock. I've seen people have to be pulled out of the water. Yes, we recognize the risks beforehand, but we do expect some precautions to be made. However, at the second crossing there were NO LIFEGUARDS. I was told that the lifeguard on duty had left and they had no replacement. I sent a letter of complaint about that before I even knew about the drowning.