Friday, March 3, 2017

Where do you think Dallas learned it?

In reading the Dallas Observer story about screwing up the Trinity River and then asking the USACE for special favors we’re reminded of a Tarrant Regional Water District meeting just last week, where a board member repeatedly asks about the special exemptions they’ve asked of the USACE.  And WHO asked for them.  The head of Trinity River Vision, or Panther Island or Central City or whatever they are calling America’s Biggest Boondoggle this week, repeatedly answers that question with, “Congress”.  So one would think all 435 members of congress asked for a special exemption for Fort Worth.  In further questioning it is clear that by “congress” he meant - his mom.

You can read about the Dallas disaster here-
If You’re City Hall and You Get Caught, Get the Law Changed. You’re That Cool.
So if you want an example of why people resent and mistrust government, take a look at what Dallas City Hall is trying to do with the botched concrete kayak park the city stuck in the river years ago at a cost to taxpayers at the time of somewhere between $4 and $5 million. Even though the city admits the whole thing is now worthless and even though they admit it screws up the river, City Hall wants to use its clout as a government entity to get out of doing anything.

And you can watch the Fort Worth fiasco here- (the question/answer repeat starts about 1 hour, 18 minutes in)

You can’t make this stuff up.

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