Friday, February 10, 2017

WHO's their bitch?

You are.

You better hope like hell it never happens in your hood. Do they drill in the hoods where the RRC's and their donors live?

Notice a Dallas jury, the city who banned this crap, sided with the family. Then it was overturned and the attorneys have dropped their clients and moved on.

There's a special place in hell...

Read more in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Wise County family won’t appeal loss of $2.9 million judgment against driller

The Parrs presented medical evidence that the drilling activity caused nose bleeds, irregular heartbeat and muscle spams, among other things.

In 2014, a Dallas County jury found that Aruba did indeed create a nuisance that substantially interfered with the family’s use of the land and awarded them $2.4 million for mental anguish, $275,000 for lost property value and $250,000 for pain and suffering. The appeals court decision wipes out that judgment.

There was ample evidence that the family was having problems and it is all documented, Lisa Parr said. Since the case when to trial, Aruba has shut down the well site, so there isn’t any additional contamination. But she said her family will “never be the same.”

The family spent $350,000 for medical treatments and testing of their property, and also invested some of the money it received in its other settlements to pursue the Aruba case, Parr said. Now, that’s all over.

“It is going to make it harder [to challenge the industry],” Parr said of the court’s ruling. There was ample evidence her family was having problems, but this ruling makes it hard to see what it will take to prove it.

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