Wednesday, May 18, 2016

FW Way - Eastside don't play

Incoming from Mary Kelleher---

Larry and I just returned home from a neighborhood meeting where a developer tried (very unsuccessfully) to sell a concrete recycling facility to the neighborhoods on the east side of Fort Worth.

The place was packed with concerned east side property owners who made it clear we are sick and tired of being the dumping ground for these type of uses.

The developer actually tried to threaten us with HUD housing if we didn't agree to the concrete recycling facility!  The crowd was hot!

Zoning Commissioner Charles Edmonds was in attendance but I didn't seen Councilman Cary Moon, but there were a lot of people there.

The people spoke.....I just hope ZC Edmonds and Councilman Moon listen!

I'm so proud of the east side for standing up to these bullies!

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