Thursday, April 21, 2016


You might want to vote...

See what can happen if you do in this note from Council member Chris Putnam.

If there is a new city council next month we will get these outrageous water bills and rates under control including day one relief for homeowners.  

* Water will go from being a profit center to a cost center.  We will recover the hard cost of water and waste treatment and not a penny more from our residents.  Water should be a basic government service and not run like a business for a profit as the incumbents up for re-election have done.  They even brag about how they created a new source of revenue with these increases which basically amounts to a tax on water.

* We will immediately repeal last year's rate increase residents haven't even felt the effects of yet, and end the unfair so-called "progressive" tiered rate structure.  

* We will join with other partner cities and negotiate better raw water costs from our sole suppliers the TRA and TRWD.

* We will demand that TRWD stop subsidizing Fort Worth's economic development with our resident's water bills, and we will aggressively pursue supplier alternatives including partnering with other cities to pursue alternative sources of raw and treated water.  

* We will fight for Colleyville residents and not "get along to go along" with regional interests that are unfairly profiting off our residents on a basic service like water.  Please vote Newton, Nakamura and Lindamood starting next Monday in early voting at Colleyville City Hall.

Skyrocketing water bills have North Texas cities double-checking meters

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