Friday, December 18, 2015

Froze over…

We usually don’t give props to the propaganda spouting “news”paper in Fort Worth but we are today.  Of course it could be because an actual person (not an employee) wrote the article

If you think your property isn’t in danger, think again.  This is happening all over the metroplex and getting worse.

When those tasked with controlling flood waters say, “we don’t consider downstream”.  Maybe it’s time to give someone that job who does.

Don’t miss this one.  YOU can’t afford to.

Remember way back in the day when we told you “nothing was being done”.  Well, these people remember.

Oh, and one more thing, Dallas – YOU ARE STILL DOWNSTREAM!

Thanksgiving floods took a toll downstream in east Fort Worth

The release of water from area lakes with no warning, combined with the unmonitored impact and lack of oversight for upstream construction and land use, all led to disaster for my operation.

We need to adopt a “no adverse impact” approach to land development and have a flood warning and monitoring system that takes all areas of the city and its residents equally into account.

But between 6 and 7 a.m., we were flooded after only about three inches of rain over a 15-hour period.

The Fort Worth Fire Department and volunteers helped us evacuate our smaller animals. The horses were easily moved to higher ground.

Sadly, many of our dwarf Nigerian goats and their babies drowned.

Evaluation of the damage showed that the water came in an unprecedented tidal wave.

Property owners on the east side of Fort Worth have expressed their concerns to the city and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. The river on the east side cannot handle the volume created by the changes that have been made upstream.

Flood control measures have been made from downtown to the Handley-Ederville area, but nothing has been done to the east to manage the river flow.

The Tarrant Regional Water District and the Corps of Engineers control water discharge from the lakes. They take care to protect the houses on the lakes, but apparently without concern for those downstream.

Downstream property owners should receive notification of planned upstream water releases that might cause flooding.

Construction development in the area should be monitored and land use regulations should be enforced so as not to cause an adverse impact on residents downstream.

I urge our elected officials and the various leadership teams of the Tarrant Regional Water District, the city and the Corps of Engineers to help all of us protect our properties and our very livelihoods.

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