Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Speaking of Fracking

We have a new hero. 92 year old Violet Palmer was arrested in Denton this week for protesting.

WHAT was she protesting?  The fact that Denton citizens voted to ban fracking, then so called “conservative” Austin politicians took that right away with HB40.  The same politicians who take loads of money from the industry for their campaigns.

Unlike many of the Texas politicians, Violet felt motivated to actually do something.

"I did feel compelled," she said. "I feel like I must do something."

Palmer, who is blind, said the officers were courteous and she was never handcuffed. Police said it is unlikely charges will actually be pressed.

Palmer said she is outraged that a new state law from Austin essentially voids Denton's local ban on fracking, which was passed overwhelmingly by voters in November.

"Really, there is so little I can do, but I do it by protesting," she said.

You can see Palmer here

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