Thursday, May 7, 2015

Did the TRWD Just Lie to Voters?? Again??

End the insanity.

Vote Craig Bickley and Michele Von Luckner on Saturday.

TRWD, Jim Lane and Marty Leonard Attempt to Fool Voters with False Statements

Integrated Pipeline has NOT received SWIFT Funding

Tarrant County, Texas (May 7, 2015) – “The Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) has once again attempted to manipulate the press and voters with false information,” said Craig Bickley, candidate for the TRWD Board of Directors in regards to the Water District’s May 6, 2015 press release stating that the TRWD “has been awarded $440 million by the state.” (The entirety of the TRWD’s release can be read here: Integrated Pipeline receives $440 million in SWIFT funding.

However, as a press release issued by the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) stated and Chairman of the TWDB Board Carlos Rubenstein stressed during the Board’s May 6 meeting, the TWDB has only “approved the prioritized list of applications” and “will invite the project sponsors to submit detailed applications...After that, applications will undergo the standard thorough TWDB review process, and each application must be presented to and approved by the Board.” (The entirety of the TWDB’s release can be read here:

“Has the TRWD tried to pull a fast one on us? There is a clear and huge discrepancy between being invited to APPLY for funding and actually receiving some funding for the Integrated Pipeline from the TWDB,” said TRWD board candidate Michele Von Luckner after reading the press release. “The fact that Jim Lane and Marty Leonard have gone on record to say that they have actually secured some of the project’s funding, when that is clearly not the case, is troublesome.

Two weeks ago the TRWD mailed it’s “Annual Report” to municipal voters only and yesterday (5/5/15) the Trinity River Vision annual update was received by voters in their mailboxes. Today we see the TRWD release a false press release and quote the two incumbents. This is wrong and potentially illegal. There is a long pattern of disregard for the law and using public taxpayer funds to electioneer for the incumbents.

“We encourage all of the voters in the TRWD’s voting district to vote for us this Saturday, May 9. It’s time to bring honesty, integrity and common sense to the TRWD Board. It’s time for change,” said Craig Bickley.

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