Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Stop the Presses!

The seemingly bipolar editorial board at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram has written about Ann Sutherland in the past, especially when she was censured for asking for too much information, etc.  (No, the Tarrant Regional Water District is not at all original...and for those of you WHO don't know, there are some very close ties on the Water and School Boards, but we digress, that's a story for another day).

Now the FWST says, Ann is right.  Well, of course she is.  There are still people on this planet who don't run for office for their own political gain.  They stand for what's right, no matter how much the powers that be, or the local "news" paper doesn't like it.

Here's to Fort Worth's real women - may they continue to fight for us, to piss people off and to be censured. They are the ones accomplishing something.  For the rest of those boards, there's a special place reserved for you.

School budget figures need another look

Fort Worth school Trustee Ann Sutherland is raising alarms about the district’s financial reserves dropping perilously low, and she’s right.

Other school board members should pay attention.

On June 24, Sutherland was the only board member to vote against the district’s $696.7 million budget for the 2014-15 school year, which includes $16.5 million to pay for 3 percent salary increases.

“I believe the spending level is unsustainable,” Sutherland said.

Projections presented to the board by district staff experts illustrate her point. The district will spend more than it’s expected to take in during each of the next three years.

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